/u/Teikun is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8868 I would also like to join the Ice party :D
0.8868 Yummy Dragonair in exchange for a cute giraffe :D
0.8625 Let my Psychic party join your Electric party then :)
0.8481 Good luck finding what you want :)
0.836 1263-6563-1683 Help me find out what pokemons my Friend Safari contains and I shall do the same to you :)
0.836 Good luck finding one :)
0.8271 Hope you get lucky and find a Growlithe safari, bro :)
0.8176 I would like you to have my Psychic garden in exchange for that cute 'lil Togepi :)
0.7964 Others are welcome to add me as well :)
0.7845 Others are welcome to add me as well, as long as you leave a reply to let me know :)
0.7804 The third could be Eevee or Ditto if you're lucky :D

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5423 Your FS is Poison, with Cascoon, Garbodor and Toxicroak
-0.0772 Sorry I didn't reply faster.
0.0 I've been looking for that Gabite for a long time.
0.0 Added, been looking for that Gabite for forever.
0.0 Psychic for Psychic!
0.0 A wild Sigilyph Safari appeared!
0.0 Your third one is a Chansey!
0.0 You have Normal safari with Loudred and Aipom.
0.0 I'm looking for Riolu, so I added ya.
0.0 Added both you and OP.
0.0 Yours is a Fairyland, with Mawile and Kirlia waifu.
0.0 Ninjafrog with Protean!