/u/Tayloriscool58 is very positive!

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0.9492 That's good because you do look good (: the future is a bright beautiful thing, don't ever stop looking forward
0.9437 Yeah :( but the melody is cheerful, the sound, the whatever, it's beautiful to me (:
0.9432 I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors my friend <3
0.9402 You did such a great job <3 enjoy your newly found freedom!
0.9313 It's always a good thing to have hope and someone to stand by you even in the dark days (: I'm glad you hold hope in your heart for it's not something many have these days
0.9297 It's so much easier than you think, don't give up, you're beautiful and loved <3
0.9287 I'm glad your 2016 was amazing (: it's the little things that make us happy in the end
0.9273 I treat stress the same way :) I'm glad to hear you're happy right now, it makes me happy to hear that!
0.9259 A lunch date (: that sounds amazing ^-^ I hope you have a fun time!
0.9245 It was such a big confidence booster and now I'm so happy (: !!!
0.9217 You're so very interesting, thank you for responding and I hope you stay involved and happy in your future!

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-0.8494 I personally have never been victimized because i'm still closeted but the amount of hate I hear about them saddens me over humanity 5.
-0.8003 The ending was so sad :(
-0.7558 I've never had that problem personally before but I believe it's an attempt at creating pain to run away from other pain.
-0.7003 As soon as you stop thinking about your problems they magically disappear don't they?
-0.6908 Personally the boots kill me
-0.5574 The only illegal coping mechanisms I use is a glass of wine once a week and occasionally a glass of liquor 9.
-0.5423 I find thinking to be an essential part of my day, quiet, lone thinking where indeed you know you're thinking but then you get lost in your thoughts and the time rolls by.
-0.5267 It's all in the amount of information you give to them, no addresses, no last names and not the city you live in.
-0.5255 That's terrible!
-0.4854 Just a casual "Want to go on a date sometime?" Not only does that establish you as an alpha but it puts to rest anything about him he worries about if he's afraid to ask you out.
-0.4588 I'm semi happy with being alone right now but it's just becoming too much of a burden for me to handle on my own.
-0.4199 If our bodies defined us as people then the whole of humanity would be one dysfunctional mess!