/u/Tayloriscool58 is very positive!

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0.9492 That's good because you do look good (: the future is a bright beautiful thing, don't ever stop looking forward
0.9432 I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors my friend <3
0.9402 You did such a great job <3 enjoy your newly found freedom!
0.9351 Just kidding he doesn't support me as much but he does love me Things will get better :) just try to see things from his perspective ^~^
0.9313 It's always a good thing to have hope and someone to stand by you even in the dark days (: I'm glad you hold hope in your heart for it's not something many have these days
0.9287 I'm glad your 2016 was amazing (: it's the little things that make us happy in the end
0.9273 I treat stress the same way :) I'm glad to hear you're happy right now, it makes me happy to hear that!
0.9217 You're so very interesting, thank you for responding and I hope you stay involved and happy in your future!
0.9191 She seems very trustworthy, so I would trust her if I were in your position, but that's just me, do whatever makes you feel comfortable <3
0.9144 Not sure which one of us that was meant for but I love it either way (:
0.9098 Family is always a great start to coming out to people :) I'm glad she took it well!

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-0.8832 Loneliness in life is such a sad thing and I hate to see people go through it :( mainly because I know what it's like, so if you ever need someone to talk to, here's one that won't turn you away <3!
-0.8494 I personally have never been victimized because i'm still closeted but the amount of hate I hear about them saddens me over humanity 5.
-0.8122 Awww :( why was it so bad?
-0.7558 I've never had that problem personally before but I believe it's an attempt at creating pain to run away from other pain.
-0.7003 As soon as you stop thinking about your problems they magically disappear don't they?
-0.5574 The only illegal coping mechanisms I use is a glass of wine once a week and occasionally a glass of liquor 9.
-0.5267 It's all in the amount of information you give to them, no addresses, no last names and not the city you live in.
-0.4588 You don't deserve any of what she's giving to you, she is evil.
-0.4215 You are worth more than she wants you to believe, she essentially believes that torturing you like this will make you stop being who you are.
-0.3089 I've never gone to a party before because i'm introverted in that aspect, never have done drugs either 7.
-0.296 No mother in their rightful mind would even consider doing this to someone who they kept inside them for nine months.
-0.1779 He was absent from my childhood as he was at work literally all the time and ended up cheating on my mother a couple of times thanks to it.