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0.9614 Thanks for the heads-up. I already knew about it, but I am sure that others did not! Open game art is my go-to website when it comes to game assets. Your work is really awesome by the way xD
0.9519 Thanks for sharing this! I already got my copy from Origin directly, but I am sure that others will benefit from your post. Have fun playing!
0.9269 Wish I had thought about that ;) Really cool, thanks for sharing this with us! Currently building one of those as well.
0.9246 Page 6 or so. The lava 'monster' banner is also part of the preorder bonus. I hope I have helped you out a bit. Enjoy the game and hope to see you soon in a match ;)
0.902 You need to decide what you want to play with. Good luck and enjoy!
0.8906 XTZ Earphone 12 Awesome action, XTZ! Good luck everybody!
0.8805 No problem, glad I could help you out. Good luck and enjoy our project!
0.8802 I especially like the way the player is animated with like 4 frames, but the movement looks really smooth. Seems like a nice introduction level.
0.8764 The game is absolutely a lot of fun. So yeah, I am really happy with my purchase.
0.8735 Looks really nice, the theme sounds quite unique as well. Personally, I have not yet seen a game based on Slavic Mythology. Would love to see an Alpha / Beta build!
0.8715 This game has awesome executions! Love them so much!

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-0.6946 At first I could not hit anything, but I can now predict where most enemies will be.
-0.6908 I did, in fact, stumble upon all those $1000+ sensors and that is why I was wondering whether an Arduino could do the same. Too bad there are no such sensors for a cheap-ish price.
-0.6771 Most game are spamming the ads every other second. No bugs found so far.
-0.6124 No, I have no real way to prove it, but no HTML edit. Was just browsing ebay...
-0.5994 Yeah, those Spectres are sometimes hard to kill in comparison to Titanfall 1.
-0.5994 No problems for me either.
-0.5118 You can get rid of the pilot on your titan quite easily. But I do agree with you, the weaker pilot on titan attacks are sometimes annoying.
-0.4767 Cannot go wrong with either of them in my opinion.
-0.4767 That is sad indeed.
-0.4767 Aww that's a shame.
-0.4767 Someone correct me if I am wrong.
-0.4767 Nothing you should be disappointed with.