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0.9614 Thanks for the heads-up. I already knew about it, but I am sure that others did not! Open game art is my go-to website when it comes to game assets. Your work is really awesome by the way xD
0.9519 Thanks for sharing this! I already got my copy from Origin directly, but I am sure that others will benefit from your post. Have fun playing!
0.9269 Wish I had thought about that ;) Really cool, thanks for sharing this with us! Currently building one of those as well.
0.9246 Page 6 or so. The lava 'monster' banner is also part of the preorder bonus. I hope I have helped you out a bit. Enjoy the game and hope to see you soon in a match ;)
0.902 You need to decide what you want to play with. Good luck and enjoy!
0.8906 XTZ Earphone 12 Awesome action, XTZ! Good luck everybody!
0.8885 Thanks for doing this, I'm sure the community appreciates it :)
0.8805 No problem, glad I could help you out. Good luck and enjoy our project!
0.8802 I especially like the way the player is animated with like 4 frames, but the movement looks really smooth. Seems like a nice introduction level.
0.8764 The game is absolutely a lot of fun. So yeah, I am really happy with my purchase.
0.8735 Looks really nice, the theme sounds quite unique as well. Personally, I have not yet seen a game based on Slavic Mythology. Would love to see an Alpha / Beta build!

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-0.6946 At first I could not hit anything, but I can now predict where most enemies will be.
-0.6908 I did, in fact, stumble upon all those $1000+ sensors and that is why I was wondering whether an Arduino could do the same. Too bad there are no such sensors for a cheap-ish price.
-0.6771 Most game are spamming the ads every other second. No bugs found so far.
-0.6124 No, I have no real way to prove it, but no HTML edit. Was just browsing ebay...
-0.5994 Yeah, those Spectres are sometimes hard to kill in comparison to Titanfall 1.
-0.5994 No problems for me either.
-0.5118 You can get rid of the pilot on your titan quite easily. But I do agree with you, the weaker pilot on titan attacks are sometimes annoying.
-0.4767 Cannot go wrong with either of them in my opinion.
-0.4767 That is sad indeed.
-0.4767 Aww that's a shame.
-0.4767 Someone correct me if I am wrong.
-0.4767 Nothing you should be disappointed with.