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0.9371 But I love doing it, and it means a lot to me knowing that I'm spreading some goodness by giving my friends the tools to help themselves and others.
0.9138 Nobody can force somebody to like them, so we just gotta put ourselves out there and take comfort knowing that we aren't the problem, we aren't at fault, and we did our best \^-\^
0.8591 Truly free speech doesn't suppress other free speech, where are you getting that from?
0.8442 Until we all have the same rights, none of us are truly free, we are simply privileged.
0.8402 Like come on aha. It's like when you make a racist joke to your friend, and you both laugh.
0.8351 My passion is just talking to my friends, helping them feel better, which includes making sure they can handle themselves and not get sucked into lies, or being cheated.
0.818 What do you really think happened? None the less, free speech must be preserved, as well as the right to peacefully assemble.
0.7783 The world is a pretty positive place overall.
0.7783 I love this and I'm going to use this in the future, ty.
0.7574 Do people really think the guys laughing and smiling while chanting "HEIL TRUMP!" are nazis?
0.7391 watch it all you want but dont be a fucking faggot about it, make it your profile pic, and buy all kinds of merch for it.

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-0.9652 Unless of course you consider rape and domestic abuse, in which cases women rape men just as often as men rape women.
-0.9652 If a woman accuses a man of domestic abuse, he will be jailed, lose his job, likely be imprisoned, lose his house, lose half of everything he owns, and may pay alimony after the divorce.
-0.9559 It's stupid that they get oneshot kills at all when their whole purpose is to cripple enemies, kill exposed ones, and stop people camping in exposed spots.
-0.9538 Male abusers kill their partners about 50% more often than female abused kill men.
-0.9476 One way violence against a helpless victim is the real abuse, because if it's two way, it isn't abuse, it's fighting.
-0.9287 If you say *you want to kill* black people, or that we will kill black people, then you are inciting violence or encouraging violence and it's a crime.
-0.9205 If people are protesting saying "FUCK BLACKS, BLACKS GO HOME OR BURN IN HELL!" and a protestor kills a black person, that's an isolated event.
-0.9201 Did you know that if a man is being abused in his own home, that man is twice as likely to be arrested and thrown out of his own home as he is to have the abuser arrested?
-0.9201 92.5% of female victims of sexual violence other than rape reported only male perpetrators.
-0.9186 Slightly shortened, but it says "For female rape victims, 98.1% reported only male perpetrators.
-0.9148 Fucking retarded protesters think they can attack people and get away with it, fuck that.
-0.91 It's unreal how a lot of the left literally thinks trump will cause nuclear war, or enslave women, or some crazy shit like that aha.