/u/Taco474 is kind of a dick.

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0.9142 It saves space, they're easier to install, way easier to clean, many people would say quicker, but most importantly they save lots and lots of water compared to toilets.
0.8979 I think it's different when you're doing a comedy routine, or comedy as a real type of entertainment compared to when it's somebody making jokes with their friends or at the office.
0.8902 Another way to see it is like this: remember that LOL Im RanDOM AF XD rawrt phase?
0.8712 For example, "drinking all night and partying every day" comes up somewhat often in pop music, and almost anything about love or falling in love has similar phrases and themes.
0.8176 If it is clean, sleek or nicely stylized, and kept the right length it is good.
0.7564 Feminism is almost entirely about social issues and so few legal or rights issues that I can fit them on one hand.
0.7351 I care about the legal things like our basic rights being stripped away or simply not existing.
0.7346 Something like the one I linked will serve you much better for any purpose. A fire extinguisher set is really useful.
0.7096 A bike in GTA for $50 doesn't earn you money, experience, save you money, unlock anything, help you reduce the grind, etc.
0.7096 I can't imagine many situations where hacking into a webcam would be useful, honestly.
0.6705 I'm pretty sure you're supposed to clip the corner, then the middle, then the other corner.

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-0.9393 That's just not right to delete the representation of evil, death, and pain from history because some people find it offensive to remember.
-0.9231 Dude stop crying because you wasted all your money on some dumbass idea that had no basis and without testing it on a smaller scale.
-0.9136 If it hits your spine you could die, if it hits almost anywhere it will fragment and richochet internally and you might die, and if it hits major organs or enough minor organs you will die.
-0.9092 It's because 14 year old retards think they're being so edgy by saying the "most offensive word a white person can say", so they just shout "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGERSS" and think it's funny.
-0.9042 It represents the tyrannical, genocidal, and torturous actions of the Nazi regime for years, and serves as a dark reminder that people can do terrible, evil things sometimes.
-0.9001 That Nazi flag represents the millions of lives my family and other families lost in world war 2 under Nazi tyranny, and as I've said in other comments, the millions who died to stop them.
-0.8979 It represents so much more than just an offensive symbol, so to me it's just wrong and fucked up to pretend it doesn't exist when somebody is making a game or movie in a historical setting.
-0.886 Got banned for saying that I hate the Jewish tradition of mutilating babies, and repeatedly said that I don't hate Jewish people.
-0.8858 I am paying taxes for prisoners to be in prison, I'm paying taxes for the police to arrest them, and in some cases I'm even the victim!
-0.8481 Systematic sexism and racism already exist as terms, and are totally different than just sexism and racism.
-0.8452 It represented these crimes, this terrible thing that killed so many men, women, and children.
-0.8416 If you want to wash out history, alter it, and censor it to make the holocaust and World War 2 look not as bad, you can do that, but I think that's kinda fucked up dude.