/u/Taco474 is kind of a dick.

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0.8481 Sounds like a pretty significant amount of support for a genuinely misogynistic comment.
0.8338 Sorry, but the Hellriegel is too easy and too effective.
0.8317 I haven't had the chance to use the new SMG, but the Hellriegel will still remain a very popular weapon on that class, I'm pretty sure.
0.8191 The catch is that they can oneshot headshot at all ranges, and due to the sweet spot oneshot mechanic, they have the strongest and most effective alpha strike *in the game*.
0.8176 A great tank driver can have a bit more influence now in winning the game.
0.8126 Hair is part of the uniform, not taking into consideration things like religious freedom and growing beards or such.
0.8058 For most players the ability to spray 45 rounds in a few seconds without needing to worry about aiming is just too strong to give up.
0.8016 His cousin is just saying that we should help women before we help men, despite women having more advantages overall.
0.7717 I'm trying to best explain why the Hellriegel has advantages that cater to the least skilled player.
0.7579 Ease of use is pretty important.
0.7579 If 3 men and 1 woman apply for a job, and they all share the same qualifications, is it fair for the men to have a 0% chance while the woman has a 100% chance?

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-0.9686 There are cases where these kids get used in child pornography, abducted and forced into sex slavery and prostitution, and even raped and murdered.
-0.9595 Putting your child in danger, other drivers in danger, yourself in danger, and not even taking precautions while doing it is severe criminal neglect at the very least. Edit: asterisks
-0.9418 We have flak because most players can't fly planes well enough to beat the enemy. An AA gun should be no more effective at killing planes than a stationary at killing tanks.
-0.936 They have poor damage, mediocre rate of fire, below average to bad accuracy when not using a bipod, and poor hipfire.
-0.93 A tank hunter Landship or breakthrough Heavy tank are made to kill other tanks specifically, but they suck at killing infantry.
-0.9231 If you are a bad shot with a Selbstlader, you will miss your enemy and they will kill you.
-0.921 The problem is that most people can kill you 3 times over with 45 rounds, and the ones who don't are so bad they aren't even relevant.
-0.9169 Hell, I had problems with one of my old laptops and they replaced it with a nearly new M18x because they were tired of trying to fix the damn thing.
-0.9136 But if you have any common sense then you would stay in cover, pop out, shoot, pop out and shoot again killing the enemy.
-0.9081 The ones that get close suffer from horrible damage and vastly lower DPS.
-0.9062 Complaining about aircraft killing you on an AA is like complaining about tanks killing you on a stationary gun.
-0.9001 Does that mean it's okay to generalize one just because one is closer to a racist stereotype than the other? Prejudice is prejudice, end of.