/u/Taco474 is kind of a dick.

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0.9246 I would love to see Support have a gas mortar, or an incendiary one, and I'm sure tons of people would love that even if it only carried 3 rounds instead of 5.
0.8883 For Medics and Assault, this is a great place to be if your aim is good, as you can revive, heal, and support your teammates much more effectively.
0.8777 Skyrim is awesome, Just Cause 3 is extremely fun and you can play around for hours.
0.8509 Yeah, that's not cowardly at all when you have people with rifles and stuff making sure you aren't killed.
0.8271 A gay man likes men, straight women like men, bi people like both sexes.
0.8126 I would love to have an MG-15 with a 4x telescopic and a grip for the laughs, or an M103 experimental with a bipod and a scope.
0.807 Fallout 4 has excellent open world stuff, and is a really fun shooter.
0.8069 As another redditor said, America has freedom of speech, freedom of expression, etc., We don't like to silence people because being silenced was *literally the reason we founded our country*.
0.8051 You can easily take out ANY exposed infantry out to about 200m-300m, and *theoretically* more, so it's extremely effective on maps like St.
0.7717 Have you seen the shit that happens when people intentionally boost their ping to 200-250?
0.7717 I liked BF4 because I could do something with every part of my kit, even with super butchered guns.

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-0.9893 I mean, it's decent, but thinking about it as "I got 3 kills then died, got 3 kills then died, and also I respawned and got 3 kills then died" kinda makes it a bit disappointing.
-0.9631 Battlefield 4 had the bright red names of your enemies showing up with the points, and perhaps it's just me, but I often find myself unsure if I killed an enemy in Battlefield 1.
-0.9618 It's one thing to kill animals for food, and another to slowly torture them for half an hour with painful, barbed spears being driven under their skin until they collapse and die.
-0.9423 While other guns might have their damage reduced by about 50%, rifles get their damage reduced by about 80%, which ends up with pathetically bad amounts of damage.
-0.926 Fuck, even religious or cultural animal sacrifices just cut their throat instead of torturing them to death.
-0.9118 There's a reason why 40% of all assault kills are with the Hellriegel, and just because you might suck with the gun doesn't mean other people don't.
-0.891 Otherwise, you will simply be in the middle of the enemy group, kill one, and they will all turn to shoot you.
-0.8885 Looks to me like he's said that traffic laws are in fact based on punishing people for the risk and potential for damage or disaster instead of only what has occured.
-0.8828 Forgetting to cover yourself while you cover your teammates is a very quick way to get surprised and killed, so the trick is to expose yourself only to the enemies you are firing at.
-0.8779 For me, there's a "feeling of impending doom" as they call it, which makes you feel as if somebody is about to kill you, or a nuclear bomb went off in the distance.
-0.875 Didn't tons of natives get raped and murdered in Canada?
-0.8689 The same way a confederate flag representing the slavery of blacks is racist?