/u/SyrianSimba is a total dick!

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0.8399 i don't drink alcohol, but i don't harass or abuse people that do.
0.765 I'm sure no one here thought you actually respected Jordan or its people. you want me to respect the oppression of gay people ?
0.7264 Um ISIS committed a genocide against Christians and yazidis are you really surprised that they'd blow up churches lol
0.6908 you know whats funny is that the salafists i spoketo on twitter consider the burkini immodest lol
0.6908 These are the type of muslims the West should support and welcome, not salafists.
0.6705 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_in_the_United_States#Sub-groups I'm pretty sure the main Islam sect is Sunni.
0.6597 it was for the greater good.
0.6486 he didn't run over 10 isis supporters he ran over 10 innocent people.
0.6348 not having terror attacks is an accomplishment?
0.4939 poland gets praised all the time for not being politically correct
0.4934 anti-Islam means you dislike the religion, but that doesn't mean you hate your Muslim neighbor or co-worker.

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-0.9201 https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/live/2017/jun/19/north-london-van-incident-finsbury-park-casualties-collides-pedestrians-live-updates One dead in 'potential terrorist attack' near London mosque.
-0.9136 there's 3 million Turks in Germany, but I can't think of any terrorist attack that was done by a Turk.
-0.9092 Isn't this the guy who said people that eat pork don't care if their husband/wife cheats on them because pigs dont care when their partner gets fucked by other people?
-0.9058 That's why people who are anti-Islam or anti-refugee should be outraged the most by attacks against innocent Muslims because then valid criticism of Islam gets conflated with bigotry and racism.
-0.9001 thats like telling someone suffering from depression to get over it because there's kids starving to death in africa
-0.8807 my uncle was killed by a terrorist.
-0.8481 If you wanna counter extremism you need to ban foreign funding for mosques and do something about losers like Anjem Choudary who go around spewing hate.
-0.8316 You should explain this to the dumbasses that attack Sikhs and kill Indian engineers because they think they're muslim
-0.8201 I think they did the same thing but with an Islamic terrorist.
-0.8176 Also one of them was in a documentary about British jihadists...it's crazy how these guys can openly declare support for ISIS, preach hate and violence, and get away with it.
-0.802 i guess dehumanizing 1.8 billion people gets boring and exhausting after awhile
-0.7845 wtf is wrong with you?