/u/SyrianSimba is kind of a dick.

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0.8468 if they cared about Islam they wouldn't bomb and kill their Muslim brothers in Yemen.
0.8212 "I don't hate Muslims, I hate their religion/culture" so I was curious if it would be considered anti-Semitic if you said that about Judaism.
0.8074 If your friend or beloved relative is overweight and youre concerned about their health you sit down with them, offer to exercise with them, and try to encourage them.
0.7065 Don't forget that there are Muslims out there like Maajid Nawaz and Faisal AlMutar and we should support them because they're targeted by Islamists and anti-Muslim bigots.
0.6808 *gets out popcorn* But lol this is 100% true.
0.6369 Are Gaza and the West Bank exactly the same when it comes to freedom of press?
0.6369 i love it when non-arabs and pakistanis try to lecture me about my country.
0.6249 Yes Muslim countries do have many issues but not every single country is like Saudi Arabia.
0.6131 "don't worry honey, i'll protect you from the black thugs and muslamic ray guns"
0.5994 i thought it was just me lmao
0.5994 these are definitely the type of people that join isis.

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-0.9615 They condemn terrorism when it happens in their country, but they will defend terrorist organizations attacking and terrorizing innocent civilians in other countries.
-0.9531 if you were outraged by the burkini ban in france and ban on face-veils in germany you should be just as outraged about forced veiling in saudi arabia and iran.
-0.9287 The first victim of the 9/11 backlash was a Sikh and last year, a Lebanese Christian was murdered by his neighbor in a hate crime.
-0.9231 Kinda like how Reddit always shits on women and feminism, but suddenly everyone cares about issues such as rape and domestic abuse when Muslims or Arabs are the perpetrators
-0.9087 I knew one guy that didn't pray, didn't fast, drank alcohol, but he would lecture Muslim girls about modesty and call them sluts and say nasty things to them.
-0.9062 If they hate Muslims then why would they believe 9/11 and all these Islamic terrorist attacks were false flag operations by the government?
-0.8834 yazidi women are being sexually enslaved by these isis savages, but we're supposed to feel bad for the perpetrators of these crimes?
-0.8779 my uncle was shot and murdered by a terrorist in 2013 in syria and he was married and had three children.
-0.8716 Is anyone else really sick of the misleading "this is " in the 70's" posts...I'm so sick of the whole hijab debate.
-0.8689 So there was a shooting in a mosque in Quebec and it was blamed on a Moroccan Muslim who was actually innocent and he was there to witness the attack but they arrested him for looking suspicious.
-0.8625 The suspect that killed 6 people at a mosque has now been identified as Alexandre Bissonnette and he was known for right-wing posts on social media, supported Israel, and hated feminists.
-0.8612 The treatment of women and religious minorities in the ME is horrific, but I'm so sick of people using it to defend/justify western intervention.