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0.8625 Protect trans people like you'd protect other minorities, and they were protected in exactly the same way as every other minority group.
0.8542 A crescent was perceivable almost as though it was a transparent line around it, but it was still so bright that it also looks like a full circle.
0.8462 Peterson has a big megaphone and a very special opportunity to usher some of his audience away from extremists behaviours and he's not really using that opportunity.
0.836 In the cases of many things that are effectively dogma in this sub, googling them sincerely will lead people to better information.
0.8275 It's divisive and of little benefit. We'll probably come to a better understanding of ethnicity and IQ through just broadly studying intelligence.
0.8126 A model of 'Male', 'Female', 'Other' would have a better goodness of fit than the 'Male' / 'Female' model you are suggesting.
0.7783 With respect to the policy/ideology overlap, what do the alt-right think they have to gain from those policies and why would a JP-fan want the same outcome?
0.765 A university isn't a place to expect to be free of intellectual pushback.
0.7589 His heavy emphasis on innate ability and denial of inequities and discrimination lends itself to a worldview suggesting that less privileged people innately deserve to be less privileged.
0.7269 It's pretty good overall.
0.7003 I'm pointing out that it's pretty clear you're projecting.

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-0.9468 There is no equivalency here. Beyond Charlottesville right wing terrorists have for decades regularly killed Americans in acts of terrorism.
-0.8779 Now, after a terrorist attack, somehow he's weakens his opinion.
-0.8689 Stabbing people in transit, killing students, killing church groups.
-0.8316 Meanwhile there was an actual Nazi rally and terrorist attack last week.
-0.8222 Saying someone is antifa because they're at an anti-police violence rally is not very well justified.
-0.787 Peterson also rarely makes it clear which finding he's referencing which makes it very difficult to dispute his claims.
-0.7845 A black person protesting police violence is not automatically antifa.
-0.743 They are looking for enemies to attack and believe they have the morality to justify anything. This is insanely delusional. You get that they pushed him away....
-0.7343 Peterson, Rogan, Harris etc all have some valid concerns but as things travel down the reactionary path they get cranked up to 1000 which is really bad for society.
-0.7096 There is a Dunning-Kruger trap that you're dangerously close to falling into.
-0.7096 The notion that anyone would be assaulted is ridiculous.
-0.703 They're propaganda pieces in many many cases. Teaching propaganda without context is pretty bad. If this sub wants to be intellectual, step up: