/u/Surf_science is kind of a dick.

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0.8126 Early in my PhD my best friend, living in my home city, quit Facebook.
0.8033 And yet, all the ills associated with fire arms increase with firearm ownership. It's cool, you don't give a shit about other citizens, your friends or family, because hey, you have a hobby
0.743 Why would you trust people that have a $$$ interest more?
0.7269 I was the best man at his actual wedding a couple of years after this happened ;)
0.7184 Indeed the Fort Mac people have had some of the best opportunities in the world and get to profit off of the destruction of *everyones* environment.
0.7115 Don't believe the shit that comes out of hunters' mouths, they are the worlds most environmentally ignorant people and spread a shit load of lies. I heard infertility lie about lions as well.
0.7003 As another Canadian, thanks for making our country *less* safe.
0.6508 He also suggests that 'he wouldn't label her a racist' for being a supporter of black lives matter...
0.6378 The United States wouldn't even be a country without that kind of support from NATO members.
0.6249 Great, they do not have the same, or equivalent history.
0.5859 Mac's ham-fisted adjustment to being out is going to be amazing.

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-0.8752 Making a shitty argument, for a long time, doesn't make it a better argument.
-0.8543 You have the unrefined opinion of a teenager with little experience or knowledge, and with very poor critical thinking skills and poor intuition.
-0.85 TL;DR - They're all bad or they're all okay.They're all bad, but not equivalently bad, in context.
-0.802 Your response was what, that the US built shit and did participate at the end of both wars?
-0.7845 He's basically making a shitty argument in order to pretend at moral and intellectual authority while being racist.
-0.7845 It's weird that hate and ignorance are so often found together.
-0.7684 I'd provide a source but unfortunately the data the hunters are basing their arguments on does not exist.
-0.765 it was precisely because the people using those words were being shitty awful human beings.
-0.7351 What happens if trump commits criminal perjury.
-0.7096 His argument is stupid.
-0.7003 He's comparing interment camps, to slavery.
-0.7003 By his reasoning while slavery was happening the words didn't hold any power.