/u/Surf_science is kind of a dick.

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0.8807 but the kind that does experiments on things like iron ;) in the context of infection, but still
0.8225 Also, nice to see the transparent misogyny, classy. Might be good to do some elementary stats reading...
0.807 Awesome, thanks man!
0.7906 Awesome, thanks again.
0.7845 In a good program you end up with better opportunities and experience, and you'll be on the cutting edge ish l.
0.7269 Oh friend, it gets better.
0.6557 So, Toronto is great just don't actually go to Toronto?
0.6249 Yeah, so he went to a couple of marches in the 60s, then did effectively nothing for decades...
0.6124 You're inflating the shit out of all of those numbers.
0.5773 So if everyone who wants to can't kill a thing the quotas are too tight?
0.5719 The quotas set are utterly garbage and a product of hunting special interests.

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-0.8402 Why do you get of on killing shit?
-0.8227 common sense gun laws would be taking everyone's guns away. Unfortunately gun owners don't math good.
-0.8176 and then co-sponsored a bill to dump nuclear waste in a poor latino community. Then after that he again did nothing for decades.
-0.8052 A coalition of losers without allowing the party with the plurality of votes a chance to form government, is idiotic.
-0.7684 I'd provide a source but unfortunately the data the hunters are basing their arguments on does not exist.
-0.7003 No reason to condone shitty behavior.
-0.682 Also, remember that press conference where he berated Clinton despite no evidence of criminal wrong doing?
-0.6808 She had sooo much baggage that decades of republican witch hunts couldn't find any evidence of wrong doing.
-0.6808 No there experiences are stupid and irrelevant.
-0.6808 You have no evidence that the particular elephant was a threat to anyone.
-0.6677 It didn't matter what she did, or the lack of any evidence of wrong doing, people are still going to demonize her.
-0.6632 He has few fucks to give about minorities or women which is why he thinks that Clinton wasn't a true progressive, whereas you can have an anti-choice candidate that is progressive...