/u/Starseeker117 is a total dick!

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0.9642 I've never really been into pirate stuff at all but I actually really enjoyed this game and I agree the scenery is pretty awesome
0.8658 It takes years of dedicated practice for someone to gain proficiency and confidence.
0.8155 I taught grade 9-12 at high schools and besides the too cool for anyone girls who all decided to have their period at the same time everyone else was very excited and enthusiastic to be learning.
0.8074 However that does NOT mean that everyone is expected to play nice and all be friends.
0.7964 The VAST majority of women who use the description curvy and only have head shot pics are pretty much always super fat
0.7902 Yeah except it's very clearly not so that is not something I would pin my hopes on.
0.7845 I like dating women who are feminine....short hair makes women look like guys....no thanks
0.7817 I don't give a shit if a girl has the best personality ever....If she's fugly I won't be interested no matter what she does
0.7755 These two girls who were raped have more courage and strength than you could ever hope to have, if you continue like this.
0.7506 And it feels like you're trying to force everyone to play like you do.
0.7506 One of my friends is this trendy gluten free asshole.

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-0.9665 Hilarious how this is a mental illness but wanting to cut your cock off and become a woman is "heroic" fuck society is so hypocritical and stupid
-0.9495 So don't anyone say "well not all men..." because no shit, not all men are rapists or perpetrators of sexual assault.
-0.9449 No as in not call them out when they're being FUCKING LIARS you stupid fuck.
-0.9423 Rape is the only crime that gets away with all this stupid nonsense.
-0.9401 Do you really think rapists give a fuck about SJWs whining about rape culture ?
-0.9265 I've seen multiple complaints of people whine about "griefing" at CG's when it's a case of opposing factions killing players marked as ENEMIES.
-0.9122 But obviously one of them wasn't. And that doesn't make this "rape culture" that means one piece of shit committed a crime.
-0.9113 We don't like this happen with regular assaults which can be equally as traumatic so why does rape get a special consideration ?
-0.9042 Useless waste of time and a dumb ploy to try to get me excited...only idiots fall for this dumb stuff
-0.8934 How do any of us know you're not just saying you were raped because the sex was bad and you regretted it ?
-0.8885 No she lied about being raped and it was all revealed in her texts even though she still claims she was a victim.
-0.8851 I'm tired of people like you making EXCUSES FOR SHITTY VIOLENT PEOPLE