/u/Starseeker117 is a total dick!

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0.8591 Yeah vr would be pretty awesome.
0.8442 Or how she wrote him a love letter gushing about loving what he did to her.
0.8225 He loses jobs, schooling, friends, family, while the false accuser generally gets praised as a hero.
0.8126 I see it as an awesome and fun experience.
0.7783 Why do you think Minecraft is a game "for kids" sure it's kid friendly I'm just curious why you think it's for kids that's all
0.7783 Either he hits the girl and gets the shit beat out of him or he walks away which supports the "women can hit whoever they want and get away with it because they're women"
0.7585 And then also was found to lie and then went on to produce and star in a porn video recreating her "rape" These people not only destroyed lives of innocent people they were also not punished.
0.7506 Sounds like you're super over sensitive
0.7349 Absolutely NOT THE BEST.
0.7311 I believe they either got a super light sentence or probation while the men involved who DID NOTHING ELSE but help kidnap and transport...
0.7269 I watched chappelles special and maybe half chuckled at one joke.

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-0.9261 It is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable that innocent men are getting their lives destroyed just like it's unacceptable if innocent people suffer the death penalty.
-0.9169 Made up her entire brutal rape and ruined a fellow students life and then she went and produced and starred in a porn that recreated her "rape".
-0.899 Or the other piece of garbage "mattress girl" who again fabricated this horrific rape.
-0.891 But stupid people make the argument that if false accusers get punished it will deter real victims.....Such nonsense
-0.8891 Pancreatic cancer is almost a guaranteed "sorry you're fucked" kinda cancer.....I had 2 co workers die from it pretty suddenly.
-0.8834 THEY may be fucked up for life because their piano teacher turned out to be a rapist.
-0.8628 No one deserves to get raped but people shouldn't be getting black out drunk since nothing good ever happens from that
-0.8316 Blatant liars and still no punishment for them.
-0.8271 Sharpen that bitch and then use it as a death frisbee
-0.8271 Sorry but if you're so fragile you "can't go outside" you need to get the fuck over yourself and stop being a baby.
-0.8126 Fuck off and stop wasting my time unless you are going to show me proof that an MTF is BIOLOGICALLY FEMALE besides "I just say so" same with a FTM.
-0.8122 Death is something some people really fear.