/u/Starseeker117 is a total dick!

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0.7779 Sure they will be hysterical but with someone like that you have just as much a chance of them saying you didn't try hard enough even if you do attempt resuscitation.
0.743 He had like 1 good movie and the rest he was either super obnoxious or creepy
0.7184 And it would be perfectly fine on Xbox one.
0.7184 I've used it and it's perfectly fine.
0.6908 Yes I do know actually but thanks for thinking you know anything about me to determine what I would do.
0.6808 Over here in Ontario primary care paramedics START at 60k and with overtime can easily hit 80k a year.
0.6705 On top of labeling those who engage in PVP as psychopaths and sociopaths just because youd rather everyone play cmdr space bitch playing elite safe space.
0.6561 That is a TERRIBLE Business move my buddy has a psvr in a pretty small room and it worked perfectly fine.
0.6369 They still love each other and they're not divorced.
0.5994 And lots of times, you just hope there's even a 1% chance.
0.5984 Ironically it's players like you who come across as the most entitled.

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-0.9468 Edit: also no if I was given the choice to either die or kill a kid....that kid is fucking dead.
-0.8851 You lose the right to complain about being destroyed when you WILLINGLY CHOOSE to play in open. That mindset is so stupid.
-0.8689 Just tired of seeing stupid selfish parents extend their kids suffering over a non chance at a life.
-0.8625 You going into open means you lose the right to complain about someone killing you.
-0.8625 That's why it's Dead On Arrival and never Dead on Scene.
-0.8557 I don't even like kids but the thought of that pisses me the fuck off
-0.8519 No it's obnoxious is what it is stop trying to act like killing other players is breaking some rule.
-0.8481 It was just pics when it first launched but now it's been integrated with Facebook so all that other nonsense gets added. Make no mistake.
-0.8481 Fuck no I'd send her fat ass in for liposuction
-0.8402 A code 5 covers a bunch of situations where death is obvious Transection, Decapitation, Gross charring, Rigor mortis, Brain contents expelled, Decomposition, There are a few more I think.
-0.8364 I could watch you get stabbed to death and do nothing except walk away and there's nothing anyone could do to me except not like my decision
-0.8126 Those fake tits are disgusting