/u/Starseeker117 is a total dick!

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0.8845 On top of that her friends didn't support her "100%" maybe you should actually look up what happened instead of supporting false accusers like they're heroes.
0.8546 No it wouldn't horde in gears 4 is SUPER boring...in gears 2 at least it was a challenge...it's so easy in 4 that it's a joke
0.836 I feel like the only 30+ year old of my group of friends that ever does fun things
0.7592 Just want to point out that this wasn't a "near death" assault.
0.7385 Telling people they should take responsibility for their safety is not victim blaming.
0.7297 LMFAO are you joking ?
0.7184 Especially since you people are perfectly fine using dictionary definitions for other things.
0.6974 This is fucking fantastic !!!
0.6908 Even my friends who are hardcore gears fans have never touched the dev playlist. Just accept that the season's pass is garbage
0.6833 It was also proven that one of the "ring leaders" who took the girl to this party and who encouraged the "rapists" NEVER FUCKING EXISTED AT ALL.
0.6808 Secondly like I said they don't say it to patients or friends they say it amongst each other.

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-0.9753 But I suppose rape victims aren't allowed to experience the symptoms of trauma, right?" And I call bullshit on that and is just an excuse that "rape victims" get to use to push their bullshit.
-0.9716 I'm sick and tired of rape victims doing retarded shit and getting to use the excuse that they were traumatized.
-0.9401 Do you really think rapists give a fuck about SJWs whining about rape culture ?
-0.926 Because the thing about rape accusations is that the retarded general public ASSUMES that the guy is guilty before there is ever any trial.
-0.9042 Useless waste of time and a dumb ploy to try to get me excited...only idiots fall for this dumb stuff
-0.9003 And clearly anyone who disagrees with you is a "rape apologist" you just don't like proof that women can fucking lie about being raped when there is proof right in front of you.
-0.8889 Because I don't give a single god damn if you aren't aware of the rape accusations against Trump or Woody Allen.
-0.8885 If women refuse to go to the police after A CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED against them then as far as I know they are liars and can fuck off
-0.8885 And you expect me to believe that men are in danger of being convicted of rape for having drunk sex?
-0.8885 No she lied about being raped and it was all revealed in her texts even though she still claims she was a victim.
-0.886 Some shitty cards and a probably shittier gnasher ?....fuck I hate this game sometimes
-0.8689 Are rape victims not allowed to deal with their trauma in ways you disapprove of?