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0.802 There are a lot of great items of clothing that compliment raw denim.
0.7906 Great, thanks guys.
0.765 Thanks - this looks perfect for me.
0.7644 Hope you're enjoying your 54's!
0.7506 Also if you're like me and come from a guitar background the bass VI just seems like an obvious choice. It's fun, the price is right, and it looks the tits.
0.7425 It's a cool instrument and i'm really happy to own one.
0.7227 It is heavily modified which can turn some purists off but I think it's just perfect.
0.6908 Glad I could help.
0.6808 I've owned/played many many offsets and for me the JM Jag has been the only one that I've ever felt excited and inspired by.
0.6705 Glad you like it.
0.6597 My friend who owns the other JM Jag in this photo has owned it for about three years now and yeah the colour has aged and chipped off quite a bit.

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-0.6858 One thing I forgot to mention is the bridge can be a right bitch at times but just mess around with an allen key and you'll get there eventually...
-0.5908 Fine for Elite D, shit for Il2 BOS - I don't play IL2 enough to warrant an upgrade.
-0.3321 I never really noticed how low they are until I took these photos...
-0.2617 It looks like it should be, but there are a couple of hidden buttons at the bottom so it can be worn open.
0.0 I do actually have one.
0.0 Does your Grandma still have that jacket?
0.0 This has nailed it for me.
0.0 What is this?
0.0 Will apply today.
0.0 They are old newspapers and magazines from about 1900-1940.
0.0 It's that "Fender Flash Coat Lacquer" or whatever...
0.0 Give me a shout and let me know how you're getting on with it.