/u/Stanic12 is slightly positive.

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0.7351 A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one
0.6369 Like if I was talking to a couple of friends who just failed a test for example I might say "y'all'd've done better if you'd studied more."
0.5994 That's beautiful
0.5984 We have 200,000 keys ready, with a million more well on the way
0.5323 Looks so much fun but I can't play it at all lol.
0.5256 You must be very proud.
0.5106 Your reproductive organs are impressive.
0.4939 The sunshine state my man
0.4588 I doubt that the mod team created the music themselves but if you google it and find the mod page they might have it credited.
0.4588 One of my all time favorite movies
0.4404 They're good boys bront

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-0.7096 By the end all the muscles in my body were tense af just from the feeling of pressure and stress on the main character.
-0.6105 Hold my fucking loser I'm going in!
-0.5707 Even YouTubers are in on the conspiracy!
-0.5574 8 out of 10 comments are about the one girls boobs holy shit
-0.5574 We shall watch star wars and eat pizza
-0.5434 you little bitch?
-0.4588 But is it outrageous?
-0.4588 And rough, and irritating
-0.431 Cause of stuff like this, among other really shitty and controlling treatment of her growing up, she really hates both of them and I don't blame her at all.
-0.4215 Upvoting just for "ass bomb" lmao
-0.4019 Damn this sub blew up fast
-0.4019 Showing those damn tan men who's boss, over.