/u/Stanic12 is kind of a dick.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8514 So powerful and so wise, he could keep the doors he cared about from closing.
0.7003 Celebrate well pupper
0.6808 Hopefully the last jedi will have some good memeable moments
0.5994 It's beautiful
0.5719 What a happy P I T B O Y E
0.5267 He was a diehard Trump fan as well, whether there's real correlation between those two things or not is up for speculation.
0.5106 Constantly going on about how strong he was and how much muscle he had.
0.4939 I enjoy the company
0.4588 My favorite aspect of the gameplay will forever be ramming my teammates into walls with my sparrow
0.4199 Sounds like the kinda wedding I'd wanna be at!
0.4019 I need to remember my corn muffins recipe for his birthday party.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8807 And manipulated and lied to everyone around him, and orchestrated a war that killed millions for his own personal gain.
-0.7506 I think he died or broke his leg?
-0.6597 Edit: Also that time he murdered his entire family on Naboo.
-0.6486 Guy who took the photo is obsessed with her, follows her around and shit.
-0.6369 How embarrassing, how embarrassing.
-0.6369 No, he was rude.
-0.6124 Terrified looking blonde woman in the center is famous .
-0.5994 Damn, you missed out on that title game OP
-0.5984 Fucking shit
-0.5719 I hate dwarves.
-0.5267 He stole your memes, you wanted revenge.