/u/Squilbop is a total dick!

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0.8689 Come on my man viper is the best rapper haven't you ever heard his hit albums like "Loyal Illuminati Member" and "Aquatic Hoes"?
0.8421 The gay fish thing is an overused joke and without context it isn't funny but that is actually a pretty good episode.
0.8074 Pretty typical for this sub even though your comment was well thought out and respectful.
0.7615 Yeah and that was cool but it doesn't really contribute much to the actual plot which is pretty bare bones.
0.7579 MQR mix is the best version ever, anybody who hasn't heard it and is a fan needs it in their life.
0.7227 You don't need 100 hours but finishing the first quest line would certainly strengthen your opinion on the game.
0.7003 If you like rpg/open world action games you should give the witcher 3 another try, it's such a fun game.
0.6808 Take it easy on the old guy or help him get up at least.
0.6486 I was just hoping for more events that occur in the story like with mafia 2.
0.6249 Its a great film with two female leads.
0.5994 I thought the presentation of the story in terms of cut scenes and acting was excellent just that the plot was fairly lacking in cool twists and turns or even just things that happen.

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-0.8934 Roger Stone is a racist piece of shit who got Nixon elected and Alex Jones thinks Sandy Hook was a false flag attack.
-0.8388 You have a point but at one point not long ago they were a very real terrorist group.
-0.836 That is a stupid metaphor. edit: I see you post in the_donald so it makes sense that you would say some stupid shit like that.
-0.8294 Fuck anybody taking their side on this shit.
-0.8225 Because this type of shit happens regularly so they focus on murders by police.
-0.8176 I never said anything was wrong with you but you seem to believe something is wrong with me so idk what else to say.
-0.816 Speaking against them in this sub will get you down voted so hard cause they get mad when you call them out for clearly racist shit like the "dindu" meme.
-0.802 Racist nationalist populism is on the rise and even with their issues at least the antifa are not anywhere near as scary as that.
-0.802 idk I've watched a few to many of Shkreli's streams to think he is anything other than an arrogant piece of shit.
-0.7978 I can see that they are bad people attacking this innocent man but I have the mental capacity to see a group of people doing something bad and not think "oh this must be because of their skin color".
-0.7964 It looks worse than a live leak hood fight video down there in the comments.
-0.7906 Fuck these racists.