/u/Spreadthosecheeks is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9485 Wow absolutely stunning body, I could play with your amazing boobs for hours before I finally get to taste that perfect looking pussy
0.9242 Very sexy love that leg position shows off your holes perfectly
0.9179 Wow very sexy indeed love the lips.
0.9118 Amazing body, great boobs and perfect nipples
0.9022 Super sexy and amazing nipples
0.8519 Nice and hard grabbing your boob with one hand and hair with another before I fill you with nice warm cum
0.8464 Very sexy I'd love to have a little taste of your pussy just after your run
0.8442 Id be happy to help you clean.
0.8402 Great yoga skills loving the gap
0.8402 Amazing album love seeing you tied up and your damp pussy patch in your nickers.
0.8399 A very happy birthday to you gorgeous.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5859 Slut looks very obedient.
-0.5423 Eating your ass would make me extremely hard.....
-0.5423 How about an ass spread?
-0.5423 Gotta be k owing all those people wanna fuck you and how many masturbate to your pics.
-0.5423 Especially when you are bent over dusting and your ass is in the air.
-0.4767 Rules are there to be broken
-0.4135 Fuck me you rode that so well with your heart shaped Jewel filling your tight ass hole.
-0.4019 I think I could make you scream just a little....
-0.3753 Screw Tim!!!!!
-0.3182 I can't believe you have any slut like attributes
-0.3089 If I wasn't at work yes.
-0.296 No further persuasion required.