/u/Spreadthosecheeks is very positive!

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0.9371 Amazing boobs fantastic body and a pussy that looks delicious ready for eating before some nice hard cock
0.9278 Very nice lovely smile and you do have the prettiest pussy I have seen on here today
0.9201 Superb body your pussy looks lovely would love to have just a little taste
0.9198 Great body very sexy hope it's not too sore.
0.8979 Yes a smile to brighten any bodies day and amazing boobs
0.886 You got a great smile and amazing boobs
0.8807 Wow what a super fit body you got
0.8807 Wow I just love it when sexy girls wear summer dresses and no underwear with the occasional flash it's such a massive turn on
0.8779 Beautiful hope you enjoyed both your fap and nap..
0.856 Very very sexy fantastic boobs and amazing ass
0.8555 You look gorgeous and have an amazing ass and superb boobs

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6369 100% and when you made eye contact is probably do the head drop of shame as you caught me out
-0.5423 Next time head down ass up
-0.516 Does it make it harder work then and more difficult to breath when you are riding???
-0.5106 I'd definitely be making a mess on your ass
-0.5106 You must have a high pain threshold
-0.4588 Just want to slide my dick between them
-0.34 Maybe accidentally flash an old guy make his day
-0.3182 Very naughty and such a tease
-0.25 Just need you bent over with your ass high in the air ready for your spankings
-0.1779 Then the spreading of your nice tight pink ass and pussy.....
-0.1742 Very nice ass.
-0.1531 Yes both tongue fuckable and dick fuckable