/u/Spreadthosecheeks is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9197 I like that answer very sexy, clever and sophisticated what more can a guy ask for...
0.9165 Very sexy love the pierced nipples and pussy looks delicious
0.9118 Superb bum , amazing boobs and pussy looks delicious
0.91 Beautiful body lovely piercing and amazing pussy
0.91 Wow beautiful body and amazing boobs...
0.9062 You look real cute and innocent but I'm pretty confident you aren't
0.902 Wow very pretty face and amazing boobs...
0.8934 What a lovely view and pretty pussy looks delicious
0.8795 Beautiful boobs and very pretty id like to see your piercing
0.8779 Lovely smile amazing boobs and bum .
0.8555 Beautiful body truly stunning

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7998 Do you suck dick well????
-0.5423 Then I fuck you
-0.5423 Your ass spread and pussy looks so so good.....
-0.4404 Id suck on that nipple anytime
-0.3818 That's a severe spanking had you been a naughty girl
0.0 If only I could have joined you
0.0 Providing multiple orgasms may help....
0.0 Very very kind...
0.0 With an expresso after an hour in the bedroom
0.0 I'm thinking please take them off you massive tease
0.0 Simply gorgeous....
0.0 Maybe you will be more obedient next time....