/u/Spreadthosecheeks is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9136 Great view amazing body lovely boobs
0.8658 Pussy looks delicious I would love to fine dine down there for a while
0.8555 Superb ass and I just love the Jewel surprise.
0.8402 Amazing boobs love the bars
0.8402 Amazing boobs and love your style...
0.8399 Perfect figure absolutely gorgeous here
0.8399 Wow absolutely loving this.
0.836 I'd love to see a wedgie with those perfect lips
0.8313 Making us all very happy you look amazing
0.8313 Absolutely amazing boobs and such perfect soft nipples
0.8304 Wow very very sexy album required

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7123 Makes my dick so hard when I suck nipple and play with clit.
-0.649 What's the most you guys fuck in a day then???
-0.5423 All fours and Ass spread maybe?
-0.5423 Tongue action on pussy fingers up the ass
-0.5423 Bend over and spread ass cheeks they will cum flooding in
-0.4767 Nothing wrong with 1/2 a day you need a release.
-0.4404 I'm the one blushing with a nice big hard dick stuck at my work desk.
-0.3182 How long are you going to tease us for?
-0.1779 How about lowering your head raising your amazing ass and spreading those cheeks
-0.0772 Feed me pussy and I will feed you dick sliding between your magnificent tits
-0.0202 I wouldn't be able to resist having a tongue wrestle with your tight asshole before I gave it a good hard fucking and dumping my cum in it
0.0 I need to cum at least once a day otherwise I get stressy