/u/Space_Attorney is kind of a dick.

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0.9636 The thing is, the game usually mentions it, like in Dhalia's case, but they treat it like he is some brilliant mastermind who was only taken down because Edgeworth is slightly more brilliant.
0.6848 It was a joke, and soapy clearly wasn't offended.
0.5187 Well, not only did I just address this, but I poorly communicated the message as a joke.
0.5106 You're case is an independent legal abstraction, and it can rest whenever it likes.
0.4939 Would you care to have a civil discussion?
0.4816 Lotta Hart is really not a bad character.
0.4767 Because I respect people who make quality games?
0.4767 I respect all of Yamazaki's works, just not as much as Takumi's.
0.4576 This is a very special post.
0.4404 I said I thought goodbyes was a good story.
0.4404 Pears are better than apples.

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-0.8674 I said "9/11 was a joke, but no one defends the terrorists." I called no one a terrorist, the most I did was make an unfunny 9/11 joke.
-0.8126 Also, that only consisted of problems with his final murder, which isn't what I'm talking about, because that was not part of his master plan.
-0.8016 Kill all critics!
-0.7906 Everyone who disagrees with me is a terrorist
-0.7906 Well you'd be lying if you said you didn't immediately know who the killer was, and the switches between past and present were grating.
-0.7783 I spelled "well" wrong to show how poorly I communicate my messages, and the fact that you missed that upsets me.
-0.765 2 of your mods admitted that they banned and censored me because my opinions were a threat.
-0.712 I really feel you've misunderstood me and my intentions, and talking with you would be more productive than arguing with random people on reddit.
-0.7003 You are the literal worse person on that discord.
-0.6908 Kill his parents.
-0.6908 Kill Apollo's parents.
-0.6908 Kill Athena's parents.