/u/Southpawe is very positive!

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0.9229 I think it's pretty cool if you wanted to post them though! And feel free to if you wish to share!
0.9201 Trying my best to, thank you for brightening my day <3
0.9081 It would make the world a much kinder and nicer place to live in. And I feel a similar way op, I hope you're feeling better atm.
0.9022 I appreciate it when strangers do small acts of kindness, so I try to be appreciative in return in hopes they and the public does more.
0.8988 I'm not OP, but these words resonated with me quite a lot. Thanks for commenting so kindly ;w;
0.891 Thanks for sharing, I'm glad it's been better for you;;
0.8899 I'd love a country where people are more positive and supportive of each other.
0.8849 Singapore could benefit from a more encouraging and kind culture, rather than passive-aggressiveness and shaming on this sub and irl.
0.8655 Thanks again, the quick and friendly response is appreciated!
0.8578 Stories like these are so wholesome and sweet that it makes my heart happy.
0.8519 I wish people would be kind and care more for others.

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-0.296 Baby girl was invested as vigi/vet/maf and had no claim in jail.
0.0 Can I ask what reference it was?
0.0 My first jailor game!
0.0 Town was overrun with Mafia by night 3 and I was rushing trying to figure it all out.
0.0 And while rushing to pick someone to jail on the last night, picked Hammy which claimed vet .
0.0 Not so, you are humans with big hearts.
0.0 You can also get gold point items via the witches cauldron and buying them with real money.
0.0 And pat on the bac
0.0 Had a game with 4 mediums and two of something else!
0.0 Vroom VROOOOM
0.0 Even and especially if they were a stray.
0.0 I'd say get to know the basic short forms for roles and have a general idea of what they do.