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0.9602 Awesome, love him + OneyPlays, so it's always great seeing him do more stuff with you guys, great chemistry!
0.9483 Just a really great taste, a good sized brick so you get a good value for your money, and...well...it just tasted real good!
0.9402 And I sure hope they do, after just seeing kubo I think they might be my favorite animation studio, and I would love to work there one day, I just love the art of stop motion!
0.9294 I don't know if other people would want to see it, but I'd love to see some Rayman 2.it was a good part of my gaming childhood, so if you guys are familiar with it, that'd be cool.
0.9282 Great, love using the DS4 so this is awesome to here.
0.9201 I was about to add RAM to the list of perfect albums lol, glad someone was already on top of it lol
0.9172 I wasn't always the most confident in my ability to get things done, but lemme tell you, the first time I Deadlifted 200 lbs, I felt like a friggin world champion.
0.9121 That said, I've been a fan of the original since I was little, but I so far love all the upgrades to the shows production value and pacing.
0.9062 Today he released his black Mesa play through that's just him, and I definitely couldn't get into it as much, I always prefer the great banter he has with his friends.
0.906 Awesome dude, glad you're loving it so much!
0.9042 Great show + good motivation to keep moving, lol

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-0.765 Now, does that mean all my problems with anxiety and shyness have disappeared?
-0.6249 I've always had a weird taste for foods that other people think are disgusting, so that might explain it.
-0.5859 Might be a stupid question, idk
-0.5267 Especially since I've been the shy, needy guy for a long while.
-0.4753 Ugh, I feel you man!
-0.4588 I've been doing stop motion for over five years now, I love it to death no matter how long it takes.
-0.4215 Ugh, I only ended up forgetting Duck Hunt, Mega Man, and Pac-Man.
-0.4149 Wouldn't be surprised if they just drop the "Steam Train" and just make all of the "anything goes" playthroughs into Grumpcade.
-0.3818 Battle for Bikini Bottom would be dope too
-0.3455 All the work it took to root himself out, and then layer/mask it over a clean plate, and it looks SO terrible.
-0.3254 It's been a little over a year since I started lifting seriously, and I can still remember back when Deadlifting 200lbs seemed like a CRAZY thing.
-0.3182 Was seriously confused how they could be cheering the guy on after all the crap he's spewed.