/u/SolLucens is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9565 I think you are doing great :) If you ever need to test that powerful part, I'd love to help ;)
0.926 Wow, you look amazing Wish that was my hand
0.9117 Awesome pics :) Love the snakebites and tattoos!
0.9011 Idk about chubster, but I think you have great hips and am enjoying seeing those straps.
0.8834 Pretty great angles nonetheless, and are you a benefit of the dark side?
0.872 You're welcome, beautiful :)
0.8689 Always looking cute :) Wish I could help out with some of your tenseness ;)
0.8625 What an amazing and beautiful trio ;)
0.8581 You are really cute :) They seem to be coming along nicely.
0.8519 Thank you :) You look amazing in this.
0.8478 Wow, it is now an awesome morning!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5423 Did I say fuck you?
-0.3818 I'll cover your ass and then we'll get started on your face ;)
-0.3818 You're just missing a nice cock in your ass ;)
-0.3109 Don't go on a underwater killing spree now :P
-0.3109 What an evil purpose :P
-0.296 It'd be a lie if I said no.
-0.25 That was a bad pun lol, sorry.
-0.1027 It'll be hard to just snuggle
0.0 I'll lift it up and then spread those legs.
0.0 It just made me hungrier...
0.0 Oh you can?
0.0 I might need you test those out on this pole for...