/u/SoccerMishka is very positive!

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0.9245 I LOVE this post, so many sexy things to enjoy about you!!
0.8951 I love your hair, so beautiful!!
0.8655 I love the angle and your tans love!
0.8622 This is a great photo, I love your hips!
0.8555 I would love to show her some love.
0.8513 Lovely pic, you are very beautiful!
0.8341 Very sexy and beautiful.
0.8264 I love this shot, you are very creative!
0.8221 I'd love to be friends!
0.8065 Thank you for posting again, I love your post history!!
0.8016 I love in seattle, wish I was closer!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4003 The outfit is perfect,showing a little cleavage and the line up her hip drives me crazy!
-0.4003 OMG, this video drives me crazy!
-0.34 Do you have any others from this photo shoot posted?
-0.3182 Will you post one to tease us?
-0.25 You have proven many times how wonderful your hips, legs and ass are and teased us with pictures in lingerie.
0.0 Time to lather up and show us a shower video.
0.0 I found what I was looking for, can I take you home?
0.0 My pants are home now too.
0.0 Maybe you could show more of those tan lines.
0.0 You can be my trainer outside of the bedroom and I'll be your trainer inside the bedroom.
0.0 When is your next trip to Seattle?
0.0 how is the search going?