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0.9437 Rare that I enjoy glitchy work, but this is a nice one :D Great execution and color choices [or lack there of?] for the work.
0.9379 Looks really great, outstanding work :3 I like the shape you used for the black part, perhaps try a small adjustment to the edge of the gif video.
0.9352 Nice loop :D great work, it's a really neat effect.
0.9325 nice shot :3 what a great lovely to test out the new lens on.
0.926 That's a fun idea I adore it :3 something fun, new, and appealing.
0.9231 That's pretty good :3 I liked that game as well.
0.9061 I really like that avatar you have going, the pizza is tenoutaten too :3 funny and fun profile.
0.8999 Great first and introduction to the profiles~ Looks good, happy designing!
0.8986 Nice job :D came out great.
0.8981 I love the little spark you added in your loop :3 a nice little bit of variety.
0.8955 I love that showcase you have :3 its so cute.

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-0.8673 I usually design on Steam App since the majority of the views that come in will be from there. It kind of sucks but that's the way it is sadly :c
-0.7672 I do not, I am not experienced with the spoiler tag sadly :C
-0.4588 Yeah :c steam keeps it a bit low.
-0.4404 I'd freak out too if I woke up as a ear-less kitty.
-0.2411 I am not exactly sure what causes it.
-0.2411 Not that I know of here is a unicode generator http://qaz.wtf/u/convert.cgi?text=123456 not sure what might line up with it tbh.
-0.2057 Usually don't care for this style, but this one is appealing.
-0.1901 Unrelated but a small guide for tricks: [Steam Tricks] Your request is Small Caps: [s s ]
-0.1531 What's the source for the falling drugs?
0.0 ^^Needs ^^more ^^Szechuan ^^sauce!
0.0 What is this even?
0.0 Should be on /r/JusticePorn