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0.9545 Looks great :D very minimal and clean, I love the animations used as well.
0.9524 Best wishes to your friend, and hope he enjoys the gift.
0.9519 Great execution and original idea :D fun fun.
0.9437 Rare that I enjoy glitchy work, but this is a nice one :D Great execution and color choices [or lack there of?] for the work.
0.9363 Thank you /u/ares_DE and /u/NikolasKatt for the kind words! The design came out well :D humble ftw.
0.9352 Nice loop :D great work, it's a really neat effect.
0.9294 I love that breed, they are so fun, so big :D
0.9215 Fantastic, great melding of that frame with the current background it fits in perfectly!
0.9072 I'd try another intro for welcome, but overall I love how smooth and clean this is.
0.9008 Thanks :D great work.
0.9008 jk its fun overall :D nice job.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7672 I do not, I am not experienced with the spoiler tag sadly :C
-0.6642 I've had nothing but great experiences where I go.
-0.5831 Not saying it's not cute AF, just an odd sitting.
-0.4019 still having trouble finding the source of the imagery to behonest, and if the artist decides against us using it will take it down.
-0.3818 If you are faking a cut, just make sure to give it a 1 pixel black border.
-0.296 I must have missed them.
-0.296 hehe as with anything on reddit/webs it makes no sense.
-0.2732 Legibility is a bit low against the dark background.
-0.2484 So weird how it's sitting.
-0.2411 Derping around practicing things, and am not sure of original source, but I found this: https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=2762721
-0.1779 Ship is a bit weird when compared to the sharpness of the particle animations.
0.0 A simple thing I was tinkering around with [Pixiv Source]?