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0.9475 wow, this is really great, i like it Thank you :)
0.9253 Maybe it's a bit over the roof, but I liked it http://imgur.com/a/FDXsS Nice shot btw, was a pleasure to work with
0.9231 Someone can disagree with this opionion but i think it's better to play the game and have some fun and not get completely wrecked in cruel :) Welcome the community btw!
0.9168 Mm, really like colors and vibe in this one, great job My favorite now, very different from others :)
0.915 Oh, that's quite a great idea to use this technique :) I will defenitly try to use this next time i will find intresting spot, great advice.
0.9042 Great idea :) Just keep practicing and you will be great with editing man
0.9041 Such a beautiful picture /u/Banditkill. Actually I think there's not much I can do to make it better - the RAW file is actually great on it's own. [Here is my take!]
0.8854 This is probably the best, thanks so much :) what about horizon - the camera was fixed on the ice.
0.8803 The most fun is end game. Have fun :)
0.8689 A great idea, but for me i think it's little bit yellowish, but it's just me :) Thank you for your edit
0.836 Thank you kind stranger :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8547 stupid thing, made me so angry, i don't even wanna play right now, want to disable it
-0.5574 This is shit really.. Just give it to the potato users already.
-0.5558 Mm is it really so difficult to make one button "scrap all the shit"?
-0.4404 :( Windows 7.
-0.4297 All kind of indie folk, almost sad and melancholic
-0.429 Well...nah, it just this spot looks beautiful but overall it's just plain russian town, very dirty, horrible-looking houses, and other stuff that comes in mind when you think of Russia.
-0.3744 Yes, it's almost impossible to play with the controller right now :( need fix this ASAP Cursor moves only with right stick, horrible
-0.3612 Well performance is shit after update.
-0.2716 Yes, so bad right now.
-0.0516 So you decided to nerf ES and leave without change Life, Armor and Evasion?
0.0 I don't know really, maybe it's electricity, phone cables, internet cables etc.
0.0 Really intresting crop.