/u/SlickNik is very positive!

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0.9648 So what you're saying is that the kind kind beget more of the kind kind, and become a kinder kind?
0.9062 Hooray for good friends :) +/u/dogetipbot 100 doge verify
0.891 I've had the pleasure of studying and working with quite a few Canadians, and you have always been a pleasant mannered, and positive bunch.
0.8655 Yay for good friends!
0.8268 Love me some sunshine!
0.7959 Yes, this is awesome!
0.7777 Enjoy your free time!
0.75 Take good care of them!
0.7351 Take care :) +/u/dogetipbot 100 doge verify
0.7213 This made me so happy!
0.6908 Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words.

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-0.6486 No, that's just wrong.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.2263 If they're using self-signed certs as he describes, there is no authority per se.
-0.088 May no one ever be deprived this happiness!
-0.0516 Seems to do the trick for me.
0.0 Hello there!
0.0 What I'm using is a Netgear AC1750 flashed with Shibby Tomato.
0.0 The WAN port is on its own VLAN tagged with '201' and I'm connecting to CenturyLink using PPoE.
0.0 I'm consistently able to get 800-900 Mb/s with this setup.
0.0 Karmanyevadhikareste ma phaleshu kadachanh.
0.0 You keep using that word!
0.0 I do not think it means what you think it means.