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0.9312 I know I recognize that name :) It's great to hear from you! Yeah, there's definitely a lot of optimization issues currently...
0.926 Pretty early in development still, but I'm pretty excited about how it's taken shape thus far :) Edit: fixed links.
0.9259 I'll have to think about the best way to lay it out with the energy costs already there, but that's definitely a good idea. As far as the card shifting issue, I'll try to work on that as well!
0.9209 It's not discoverable immediately, but it's pretty easy to find, and it's got a great moveset and low enough requirements to use without much investment.
0.8999 The bell-like synth you had towards the end was fantastic, and I'd love to have heard more of it! Once again, good work.
0.891 There were a couple spots in the melody that you could clean up a bit possibly, but overall it sounded great. One thing you could try: maybe play with the instrumentation a bit?
0.8834 On one hand, it's easy to iteratively add more content to that sort of game and treat it like a sandbox of sorts.
0.8824 I definitely plan on adding more weapon and ability cards as well as more interesting ways to gain resources (e.g.
0.8807 Best of luck on the rest of the project :)
0.8777 Awesome, glad I could help!
0.8718 I'll definitely incorporate that for the next update if I get the chance :) Thanks again!

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-0.9314 Deal damage to enemy creature + deal damage to enemy player). This may be a slightly messy way of doing things, as data for each card ends up being stored across two different assets.
-0.839 It seemed more like a boss fight than just a normal enemy, due to the number of hits it took to kill them.
-0.7909 Am I missing anything painfully obvious? Also, I've realized that googling my game is currently not easy for potential players.
-0.7096 It's the same as the SMG, but with the lower fire rate, it doesn't sound nearly as "punchy" as it should.
-0.7003 Or maybe some enemies are standing on a bridge over the water, and a clever player could shoot the rope to collapse the bridge?
-0.6858 Personally, I'd make them only take 2-3 shots to kill, or maybe even 1, but I have no idea what sort of pacing you're aiming for, so take that with a grain of salt.
-0.6808 So if the player takes damage, for example, you might fire a "PlayerTookDamage" event.
-0.6705 I like the variety of enemies and room layouts. Things I'd work on: * Trying to fire the gun quickly felt clunky.
-0.6597 Rather than having a 3% chance to do x3 damage, think of it as a 3% to deal an extra x2 damage .
-0.6476 No worries!
-0.6369 I think one thing I might try is giving players occasional incentives to kill enemies quickly.
-0.636 And no problem!