/u/ShowMeYrThongGirl is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9186 Dang, what a nice body :) Would love to see more angles and more of that thong :)
0.8271 Thanks for sharing :)
0.802 I love this :)
0.8016 Pretty much perfect!
0.7964 You do a great job both modeling and designing :)
0.7964 Just love the two little 'gaps' at the front of your thong <3
0.7845 Beautiful :)
0.7845 that's a nice surprise under those jeans :)
0.7717 And excellent choice of thongs :)
0.765 Perfection <3
0.7644 Wow, she's fit!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.2942 Tits and thongs!
0.0 What a sight to wake up to...
0.0 (btw who is Sam?
0.0 Looking forward to your next post
0.0 that thong though..
0.0 My kinda girl!
0.0 Username checks out too
0.0 It's mine now too
0.0 Matching phonecover and thong!
0.0 What an eye for detail!
0.0 Show some more of that thong?
0.0 Very much so!