/u/ShootingAnElephant is kind of a dick.

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0.6705 I honestly like the Dutch, look, I've even got the [Kaapkolonie back for you].
0.6369 He also had two of the best AMAs of all time.
0.5994 When I do a colonisation run I always go Dutch Republic, take those sweet settler increase church aspects and cuck the Spanish hard.
0.5859 Wehr nich Linke whlt is dum xD Hochwhls zur Linken bitte
0.5773 They wouldn't even kill that many if they nuked Seoul.
0.4939 Christmas was pretty uneventful for me actually.
0.4939 Do you really think the mods care about the opinion of the plebs?
0.4939 no, yes, yes
0.4939 I think the whole meat industry will not be looked upon too kindly.
0.4404 What far leftist thinks that globalisation is good?
0.4404 me too thanks

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-0.7506 And some even helped Nazis escape prosecution after the war.
-0.6597 To answer your edit: the next semester won't begin until October and my sleeping rhythm is fucked up accordingly.
-0.5994 You disgust me
-0.5719 I, too, hate the rule of law.
-0.5574 Everyone posting the tweet after this comment will get a week-long ban.
-0.5574 That's just because your taste is shit.
-0.5423 As I've said before it is the liberal equivalent of Bannon trying to suck his own cock.
-0.5423 This is the liberal equivalent of Bannon trying to suck his own cock.
-0.5423 He said rap was all bad.
-0.4767 The sub has got increasingly worse since becoming a geo-default.
-0.4767 [Draco after he gets arrested for attempting to overthrow the American government]
-0.4588 Anyone posting GoT spoilers will be banned.