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0.7717 It's times like these that remind me of why I love being German.
0.743 You also watch all those youtubers, like thunderf00t and the amazing atheist, who say all the things you think about religion.
0.7281 The new reactionaries picture themselves as a counterculture, which would be funny if it wasn't so sad.
0.7184 Works perfectly fine for me.
0.7184 The idea that technology will have a significant impact on employment and inequality seems to be perfectly valid.
0.6877 There might also be instances where a gay person is persuaded that they are actually transsexual as the latter is stigmatised but at least doesn't carry a potential death sentence.
0.6597 If you want to help the workers give them wages subsidies funded by Land Value taxes, Carbon taxes or basically any other tax.
0.6597 I thought Orwell being a committed socialist was well known enough that the joke would work without explanation.
0.6369 We've got the best mods, don't we folks?
0.6369 I definitely agree with you.
0.5719 We value individual autonomy and advocate policies that increase it.

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-0.8519 You now become convinced that there is a horde of crazy SJWs who want to destroy white heterosexual men and that you are fighting in a culture war of epic proportions.
-0.8324 Their effect on low-skill domestic workers seems to be between slightly negative to neutral but probably not so positive as to make it a good poverty reduction tool.
-0.8316 Friedman und Hayek, die beide oft als die Hauptvertreter neoliberaler Theorien gelten, habe beide eine finanzielle Grundsicherung untersttzt.
-0.8316 Weder hat Deutschland die Mittel noch den Willen die freie Welt anzufhren.
-0.7574 As you say low-skill immigration is a more difficult issue as they might have a negative impact on domestic low-skilled workers.
-0.6808 I also like his domestic agenda but his involvement in the Iraq war has discredited him in the eyes of too many people for his advocacy too be useful.
-0.6705 **Alt-light** The threat to western civilisation is even graver than you thought it was.
-0.6597 The question is whether the former will remain a short- to mid-mid term disruption or turn into long-term structural unemployment.
-0.5994 Das sind einfach die beiden mit Abstand grten Parteien.
-0.5994 Die Deutsche wollen doch nur Autos und Lebensmitteldiscounter verkaufen, und ansonsten in Ruhe gelassen werde.
-0.5994 Laut Wein-plus.eu ein Synonym fr die Rebsorte Ruschling.
-0.5423 With Cheeto Benito as President and a spineless Republican majority in Congress that potentially is about to fuck over several million Americans by taking away their healthcare?