/u/ShootingAnElephant is kind of a dick.

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0.8968 Not because of any phony regulators blessing but because I am enlightened by my own free markets.]
0.8481 How convinced are they of their own superior intellect?
0.7654 The greatest achievement of the internet is allowing me to minimise human interaction without having to starve in an unfurnished apartment.
0.7469 Obviously we can't expect any politician to be the perfect neoliberal but at least the good done by their neoliberal reforms has to outweigh the bad done by their other actions to be praiseworthy.
0.7184 However the intellectual influences of neoliberalism are rooted in the classical liberal tradition and as such also support liberal social policies.
0.7184 You're the ideal person to educate us on matters of courtesy.
0.6908 Thanks for sharing buddy.
0.6369 [In this moment I am euphoric.
0.6124 It was a limited role for the state, but it required a strong state nonetheless.
0.5859 God, I wish.
0.5859 Even the more laissez-fair people, that can still be considered neoliberal like Friedman, supported the existence of a central bank.

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-0.9242 The problem with FDR isn't just being wrong about some things but committing grave moral violations that some people here seem to simply brush off as "bad policy".
-0.8481 Even if eugenics was correct I fail to see how it would lead to the conclusion "kill am the Jews".
-0.802 His law&order policies and response to the AIDS crisis were also terrible.
-0.7906 Said that kids killed in drone strikes "had it coming".
-0.7845 My point is however that the way FDRs human rights abuses are simply brushed away as just "bad policy" is a slippery slope that lends itself to apologising for other authoritarian leaders.
-0.7385 So he grievously violated the rights of thousands of American citizens out of political opportunism and speculation?
-0.7351 He also warned of burdening the state with the task of correcting all sorts of economic problems.
-0.6808 Why do you hate Japanese people and want to undermine public institutions?
-0.6711 Noah Smith despite being a good writer when it comes to economics has a poor grasp on political terminology.
-0.659 Thirdly, the incoherence in neoliberalism goes beyond the problems evident in many overused and stretched concepts, to the extent that it is deployed in entirely contradictory and opposite ways.
-0.6444 He imprisoned ~110,000 Japanese Americans without due process grounded in nothing more than xenophobic paranoia.
-0.6249 Idk, why do you hate the Japanese?