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0.81 A question about the relative importance of freedom and liberty seemed natural, but it's hard to phrase this question well.
0.7783 Obviously it would be preferable to just put an EU Reichskommissar in charge of that country but until that happens we'll just have to go with the second best option.
0.7351 Free to Blog was a much better name idea.
0.7089 What do you think is the underlying ethical issue and more importantly what do you think should specifically be done about it?
0.6369 I love the picture they used.
0.6369 Webby is the greatest political theorist of our time.
0.6249 Commitment to pro-market reform is like one of the core pillars of neoliberalism, which developed in direct opposition to many of FDRs programmes.
0.6124 A couple of people suggested including "communitarianism" too , and it polled well, so we decided that this was a good balance.
0.6124 Zoning deregulation is about things like maximum height requirements, minimum parking requirements and stuff like that.
0.5719 tfw someone is celebrating a wedding
0.5719 That's why we celebrate their repeal.

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-0.7964 "just fuck my shit up fam"
-0.7783 Why do you hate the ~~global~~ Irish poor?
-0.7717 Nevermind his terrible human rights abuses.
-0.7587 He also wasn't a Marxist but rather based his advocacy for Democratic Socialism on a distrust of power structures, so there is naturally less disagreement.
-0.6249 That's the worst part of the sub.
-0.4767 You goddamn cuck
-0.4767 Goddamn normies.
-0.4767 immigration), they are terrible when that's not the case(e.g.
-0.4767 But even from a utilitarian perspective many of FDRs programmes, in particular the NIRA, were terrible.
-0.4767 Even though I think his observations and diagnosis was often correct his prescription and conclusion was wrong.
-0.4478 We wanted a question on political philosophy, but it is very unclear what that question should be.