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0.8615 It is such a beautiful book and there are so many great illustrations in it!
0.8516 Wow, I absolutely love the colour scheme, lighting and composition.
0.836 Wow, the textures and colours look great.
0.807 Great, thanks!
0.807 That's awesome, thanks!
0.807 Awesome, thanks!
0.807 Great, thanks so much!
0.7858 Action poses are challenging for me, so I'm very glad you like it.
0.7841 I loved Kelsier, so I definitely wanted to paint him.
0.784 Perfect, thanks!
0.7783 I haven't seen the show, but I love the artwork.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5574 Who has given her shitty makeup though?
-0.4572 When I'm trying to paint that stuff with gradients and more colours, I get so confused.
-0.4404 But the actual light on her is weaker and comes from the side somewhere.
-0.4168 I couldn't be happier.
-0.4019 I've been having trouble with that for such a long time.
-0.34 Just shoot me an email and we can talk about it djamila.knopf@gmail.com
-0.296 I have no experience with sequential art whatsoever.
-0.2926 Looks totally badass!
-0.2235 When I'm not doing freelance work, I'm developing my own project called Phantasma.
-0.1513 Purely accidental.
-0.0772 Sorry about the late reply.
-0.0772 @djamilaknopf Sorry about the late reply.