/u/Shavedman60 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9253 You have a GREAT smile and a LOVELY body!!
0.9253 It looks GOOD on, but I would LOVE to see it off as well!!
0.8172 VERY erotic, I LOVE your lingerie!!
0.7814 An AWESOME ass, a LUSCIOUS smoothshaven pussy and GREAT tits!!
0.7592 I LOVE how it looks in your lingerie!!
0.7592 I LOVE how your panties split your pussy lips!!
0.7592 I LOVE both!!
0.7592 I LOVE the 4th picture where you have your finger in your tight asshole!!
0.7592 I LOVE your tan lines!!
0.7592 I LOVE your pierced nipples!!
0.7592 I would LOVE to!!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.717 Getting fucked out in the open on the beach as people jog by!!
-0.6229 She has a LUSCIOUS ass and pussy!!
-0.6229 You have a LUSCIOUS ass!!
-0.6229 What a LUSCIOUS ass!!
-0.6229 You have a LUSCIOUS ass and smoothshaven pussy!!
-0.5025 Hell YEAH I would!!
-0.3578 You have such LUSCIOUS lips and tits!!
-0.1658 I would LOVE to suck on your THROBBING clit while he finger fucks your tight asshole!!
0.0 She has a LUSCIOUS smoothshaven pussy!!
0.0 What a LUSCIOUS smoothshaven pussy!!
0.0 You have a LUSCIOUS asshole and pussy!!
0.0 I'd start by getting down on my knees and licking that LUSCIOUS pussy!!