/u/Shadowywalker is very positive!

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0.9442 Honestly, I enjoy the new wave of people coming in to sourcefed/sourcefednerd whitney has some great stories and filup is a nice fresh spark to the nerdy things.
0.8807 Great content and dude is pretty funny.
0.8588 Oh good god I would so love to.
0.8555 Your smile is as the others have said, super cute.
0.8356 Please, please don't take down this sexy picture!
0.8316 Well the best part is that it doesn't have to be an expensive trip, it could just be to a local spa you happen to like or somewhere you had your eye on going.
0.8087 :D To my favorite lizard lady!
0.7579 Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
0.7472 If I don't thats fine but if I do that'd be awesome.
0.743 My day went pretty well, I got quite a bit of sleep and watched a few of my current anime interests.
0.7391 Yeah I loved the night sky on skyrim too, also a addiction is never a bad thing until it becomes a real problem.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6359 I want to be a Qunari mage so bad right now.
-0.6249 Also what is the worst?
-0.5983 *Sploosh!* Oh shit.
-0.5709 It became less creepy and just more disgusting to me later.
-0.5423 Oh holy fuck.
-0.4767 Nothing says ruined session than dehydration.
-0.4404 :( Aw dang, RIP Lucy.
-0.4019 Damn you've got a hot body.
-0.3595 We have missed you too!
-0.34 But do you drink out of a crazy straw?
-0.3182 If I were to last any longer than 10 seconds id get lost in them.
-0.296 I used this poem as a count down for when inquisition was to be released.