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0.7096 Nashville: Your good will for the Blues playing the Wild will dry up the second you play them. Nothing wrong with you Blues <3
0.6588 That's a great anthem!
0.5994 Blues fans telling Wild fans they have a persecution complex lmao
0.5574 Coyle has just been...not fantastic
0.5356 I would be so much more pleased with white if he just jumped someone gloves off at this point.
0.5106 That's the fun stuff
0.4877 Jesus I really need to relax.
0.4767 I appreciate your optimism but I'm gonna hold out until Easter to really see what they can do.
0.4588 Glad we burned a year of JEEk's contract
0.4404 I don't think you realize that Stewart is better than a 4th liner on a decent amount of teams
0.4404 Hope he got carbon fiber slivers.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8259 Fighting is bad for the sport Hitting people with cross checks is not condemned by the league Make up your fucking minds assholes
-0.8104 Which is extremely regrettable and horrible.
-0.7964 Harassing piece of shit
-0.7351 One bad hit and I see something insane happening here
-0.7102 If I could trade one 30 second fight for 10 less shitty schoolgirl scrums I would.
-0.7034 Sharks are getting BULLIED
-0.7003 That's boring as fuck.
-0.6808 What the hell was that?
-0.6784 I hate this shoving "HE STARTED IT!!!"
-0.6486 Missing the playoffs hurts, especially when the last time you were out of the playoffs you were behind the North Stars.
-0.628 Wait...I just realized we have used a year of JEE's contract for this Fuck