/u/Sematrix is kind of a dick.

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0.8779 Zionist and their collaborators are the foremost enemy of freedom, free of speech, free conscience, and progress in the *world* today.
0.7906 Their fascist/supremacist culture has made Zionist Jews the richest of the rich in the U.S.
0.7906 [Jews are the richest of the rich in the U.S.
0.7906 Pew polling says [Jews are the richest of the rich in the U.S.]
0.7845 I answer inquiries the way I want to answer inquiries, not the way someone else wants me to answer. It's called free speech and free thought -- a concept alien to simple minds.
0.7579 Could he be making a bid for freedom, offering to provide evidence of how he got his hands on the DNC/Podesta emails in exchange for a pardon?
0.7506 These Zionists are always so concerned about everyone's "fascism" except their own, which they use to get rich and powerful.
0.7096 Jewish Goldman Sachs head Lloyd Blankfein says they're doing "God's work". Their Chosen race Zionist racket and culture encourage Blankfein's entitled, supremacist, megalomaniac views.
0.6808 A lot of Zionist Jews are atheist fascists, who simply see themselves united as a historically supreme "Chosen" race.
0.6597 Do you have a listing of rich and powerful Aryan racial supremacists you can point to?
0.6124 Care to document, by name, all these powerful Nazi strain fascists that you think exist?

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-0.9217 And they killed the other line, which could testify to their evil and fraudulence.
-0.8542 Cohn is so deranged by hatred of Trump that she thinks it is Trump who will bring nuclear war by normalizing relations with Russia.
-0.8519 Until you reach that level, all you can offer is murder and hate.
-0.8481 It's simply another means of psychologically justifying the atrocious Talmud ethics at their core, their racist rackets, and their murderous Zionist geopolitical agenda.
-0.8353 I condemn all fascism and racism, from Nazism to the most powerful racist movement in America and the Mideast, Zionism. Fascism is fascism, whatever its guise.
-0.8074 The Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln memorials will have to be destroyed also as they, too, are momuments to racism.
-0.8074 diseased You have a lot of hate in you for people who politically oppose your fascist Zionist racket.
-0.802 And your Israel-first liberal fascist and neocon brethren are in a rage.
-0.7964 It is these hysterics that are showing signs of mental weakness and lazy, dogmatic thinking.
-0.7964 Nearly all racism in history springs from Jewish "Chosen" race/bloodline theology -- Trump's/[Drumpf's] off-and-on racism, as well.
-0.7783 If he gives everything he's got without getting some kind of "deal" to get the corrupt authorities off his ass, he's captive of the sick fanatics forever.
-0.7783 These fascist Jews dominate Judaism from the top down, and enlist the poorest Jews as human shields.