/u/Sematrix is a total dick!

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0.7351 What vested interest are you trying to protect?
0.7184 You're assuming that the dollar hegemony agenda is being pursued for the benefit of the American masses or the general national interest.
0.5661 Don't click. What, are you with the Thought Police? What is your opposition to free speech and open discourse?
0.561 Neither did Zionist Organization of America We are in this respect not in any post-Zionist era.
0.5514 Save your soul from Soros/Rothschild/Goldman Sachs and their works? What patriot and nation of conscience *wouldn't* take that deal?
0.4914 Call Rabbi Yosef!* It's really amusing watching Zionism and its brainwashed little minions fall to pieces.
0.4754 The most efficient explanations are usually the most accurate.
0.4404 Thanks for proving mine.
0.4404 There's too much easy money in it for them and their kosher cronies.
0.4404 But the good news is, if the scum of the earth can be identified, it can be eliminated from civilized society.
0.4215 Germany pays 1.2 percent; the United States kicks in more than 3 percent.

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-0.959 The wars are to bring ever more nations under that Ponzi scheme to prevent it from collapsing. Temple priest money-changer killers and criminals at the root of the evil, just as it was foretold.
-0.9062 into the Iraq war under Bush II, then the destruction of Libya and attempted destruction of Syria under H.
-0.8881 we're going to defeat the Israeli Zionists because they've become a hindrance and Achilles heel to our even larger and more murderous franchise of International Zionism!
-0.8873 The cusp of nuclear war against Russia? Not only is this wasted money, it's actually accomplishing the opposite of its stated mission of "security": insecurity.
-0.886 London mayor's Islamist terrorist brethren goes on a terrorist rampage which the London mayor had shilled for and excused in advance, and the shill media make it about Donald Trump's son.
-0.872 Bush destroyed Iraq, Obama destroyed Libya, and tried to destroy Syria. When it comes to black deals with the Zionists, in for a penny, in for a pound.
-0.8625 Let the dead bury their dead.
-0.8591 The Jewish neocons and fake liberals have threatened Russia with state terror by their puppets in Ukraine.
-0.8555 A hot war against Islam that's killed and displaced millions and resulted in floods of refugees?
-0.8442 into Mideast wars, and has killed and displaced millions there.
-0.8082 First the British whored themselves off to Zionist bankers, now they're whoring themselves off to the Islamist fifth column. It seems Mammon hasn't been a beneficent god after all.
-0.802 I'm saying a fascist is a fascist.