/u/Sematrix is a total dick!

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0.875 Left-wing populists want to soak the rich in the name of equality; right-wing populists want to remove constraints on wealth in the name of growth.
0.8573 Populism is therefore defined not by a particular view of economic distribution but by a faith in strong leaders and a dislike of limits on sovereignty and of powerful institutions.
0.802 The top two comments at the link have some great insights and truth:
0.7717 Well, a Jewish American Princess needs her fabulous gowns and her sparkling Jewelry made by *someone,* doesn't she?
0.765 An important factor in my decision to leave Russia was the desire to go with my children to a free country.
0.743 3) The dollar hegemony/fiat currency agenda. Those three forces have wealthy and powerful interests behind them, have totally corrupted democracy and transformed the U.S.
0.7351 than the Gentile useful idiots who will work for free.
0.7096 And not coincidentally, both of the corrupt parties are in agreement on Israel First.
0.7096 Good luck with your hasbara, rat-fascist.
0.7003 The British had to renew their promise to get America to join the Allies in WW2, and this time the Brits couldn't wriggle out of it, because the Americans made sure of it.
0.6808 If the left is going to take the Democratic Party back from the lib-cons/neocons, it better run the Zionists out on a rail, because they view the U.S.

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-0.9201 These megalomaniac Zionist killers, thieves and swindlers went from advertising themselves as prophets of God to seeing themselves as the Godhead. Sick in the head and sick in the soul.
-0.8834 A fake-progressive fascist Jew defends a fake progressive fascist Jew.
-0.875 into a bodyguard for fascist international Zionism and neoconservatism and their endless wars are equally guilty.
-0.8658 No wonder the MSM labeled ZH "fake news." Fake News = Truth About Fascist Jews
-0.8442 And Israel is a fascist state that kills goyim with impunity and indifference, so Zionists are as indifferent to American lives as they are Palestinian.
-0.8439 That's all paranoid conspiracy theory!* insist the Zionist pathological liars and their tools.
-0.8439 The Goyim are to blame, never the Chosen!* Zionism is a sick and infantile state of mind suffering from B.C.
-0.8316 I'm obsessed with fascist Zionists who are wrecking the world with their warmongering and conflict-profiteering.
-0.8271 Questioned a major Zionist pretext for their fascism, land theft, ethnic cleansing, state terror, and endless war agenda?
-0.8188 He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him.
-0.8126 are engaged in treason by acting as a fifth column for the Israeli allies of ISIS terrorists that are killing American soldiers. I'm sure Trump and Schumer are going to get right on that, right?
-0.8074 When you open with a lie right off the bat, it becomes immediately obvious that you're just another Zionist pathological liar or stooge shill for racist Jewry.