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0.8074 This was before oligarch and plutocrat fronts like Franken and Feinstein infiltrated the government. What's good for oligarchs and plutocrats is not good for the vast majority of Americans.
0.7845 He looks askance at praise, such as when Stone says: Youre credited with doing many fine things in your first term.
0.7506 Welcome the noose of justice and the will of history.
0.722 Things aren't going so well for what Bill Maher calls his beloved "Team Hebrew." In fact, the noose is tightening by the day.
0.6477 So yes, don't bother trying to explain.
0.6369 Hi, I'm Jew-stoogeBot this is my best summary of the above comment:
0.6369 So much for the coming multi-cult paradise led by the Chosen-Elect priest class.
0.6124 You've been brainwashed and fed Chosenite kool-aid your entire life inside the fascist-racket splendor.
0.5574 Rich, pampered, anti-middle class and working class, spoiled-rotten, jet-set scumbags. Maddonna is into kabbalah.
0.5423 Fascinating clash of religions and identities.
0.5106 The fanatical, brainwashed, megalomaniac "Chosen" drive is strong.

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-0.9067 GOY WEST GOY CONSPIRACY GOY GOY GOY! You Zionists have a tough task trying trying to pass yourselves off as victims and rationalists when your entire ideology is based on racism.
-0.9042 "Tolerance" for the Zionist fascist, its fifth columns, and its corrupt, left-right stooges is a recipe for perpetual war, and an end times death-wish for the destruction of the planet.
-0.891 into Mideast wars and for the subsequent crimes against humanity. The worst actors, treason suborners and blood-profiteers will come out in the wash.
-0.8832 They won't be laughing so hard when they're on death row for treason.
-0.8807 Syria is not an exporter of terror, but rather the victim of the Al Qaeda-linked militias that were unleashed upon the country by the CIA and Washingtons regional allies in a war for regime change.
-0.875 Stinking, gutless rats hiding their Zionist treason behind lousy jokes, caustic sarcasm and shit-eating grins.
-0.8658 or "kosher" fascist Zionist state of mind needs to be brought to an end, which means crushing its kosher fascist leaders and high priests, and their cult-brainwashing ways.
-0.8591 No doubts so are the rest of these wealthy attention whores and kosher-fascist, Zionism-serving Jew-stooges doing "tolerance" propaganda for the treasonous and entitled Chosenite fifth column.
-0.8591 Declaring the right to be the entire problem is designed to give the left criminals a "pass" so they can perpetuate their kosher fascism under a totalitarian state under the auspices of "liberalism."
-0.8402 [He told Obama] it would be stupid and that it would be even dumber to pre-announce the intention to attack.
-0.836 A crony government-profiteering scam -- which will inevitably bankrupt the nation to enrich the oligarchy and plutocracy and its fronts like Feinstein and Franken -- is worse than nothing at all.
-0.8356 No wonder they're so nuts, and then have to gaslight and project their own insanity onto political opponents just to function.