/u/Sdffcnt is kind of a dick.

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0.8779 Most people seem utilitarian, except they want what they ~~think~~ feel is the greater good isn't necessarily good nor greater.
0.8658 where you measure % chance there's a single molecule left. That assumes a lot though, e.g., perfect mixing, your fresh solvent is clean, etc.
0.8475 LOL McCarty doesn't give a fuck about safety or learning, only the false perceptions thereof.
0.8442 You'd oppress people like me with the approval of your own conscience with the bullshit assumption that your oppression is good for me or some ethereal idea of the greater good.
0.8271 That would be an excellent example of like cures like.
0.8074 I still like the guy as shall not be infringed is pretty clear.
0.802 By your reasoning chemicals with a positive joule-thompson coefficient disprove chemicals with a positive one.
0.7845 I'm pretty sure you don't fully understand what I said and you certainly didn't refute it.
0.7783 I'd do it for the justice as justice is a start.
0.7777 Heaven forbid they have even a modicum of objectivity or care about the truth!
0.7579 I'd happily blow your brains out and be better than you in doing it.

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-0.93 That's lazy and pathetic you'd confuse someone driven to despair with someone evil.
-0.9118 If I shoot you because I think you raped my sister, whether you actually raped her or not is irrelevant.
-0.9118 If we're going to do ethically fucked up shit, you should be uplifting the kids with shitty parents.
-0.8885 Only in cases of rape is it slavery.
-0.8779 Hell, even if I was actually crazy that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm wrong.
-0.8765 but I also am not going to hold a 5 year old responsible for the fact their cunt of a parent left a loaded gun lying round the house. Yep, you're no different than most hippies I've met.
-0.8754 Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if real felons rarely, if ever, try to get guns at gun stores. The only problem with entrapment is that it's an affirmative defense.
-0.875 Maybe you murdered a hobo last week or raped 50 other girls.
-0.8625 If it's weird to be livid about retards stealing from me, then I'm weird.
-0.8183 If that stupid fuck actually cared about art, history, or math he wouldn't be fucking actual safety in the ass and completely ignoring logic/philosophy.
-0.8176 If by cunt you mean I have ethical/moral issues thanks to all the crooked shit cops do, I'm guilty as charged.
-0.8074 I have no problem shooting a cop in his stupid face.