/u/Sdffcnt is kind of a dick.

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0.7791 I'd laugh if you weren't so sad.
0.7579 Thanks for the laugh though.
0.7269 Thanks for laughing.
0.6997 Also, remember it when/if there is a time they want your help because your hard work is more useful to them than a kid.
0.6979 I have a responsibility not to murder, with or without a gun.
0.6808 Good job, smart guy.
0.6682 The folks over in r/childfree probably wish there were more people like you in the world.
0.6597 Ok, enjoy the upvote.
0.6597 Locks make idiots like you feel better more than anything.
0.6486 Because I'm smart I'm capable of thinking for myself.
0.6465 It's not really illegal as the "law" establishing the offense is itself illegal.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.926 How many times does a rape victim have to be raped before she's not a victim anymore?
-0.8979 Also, if there is something wrong with just being stupid, you're fucked.
-0.8957 You're the kind of asshole who says I didn't mean to [insert fuck up here] as if that somehow excuses your bullshit when you fuck up spectacularly.
-0.8934 Proper focus on the negative is how you prevent horrible shit.
-0.8705 there is safe, unsafe but probably o.k., unsafe, and fucking stupid... Where the hell are you getting that crap from?
-0.8503 I'm saddened you're so stupid you'd confuse my attempt at explaining ethics to you with a hard-on for irresponsibility.
-0.8316 Thieves are thieves no matter how opportunistic they are or aren't.
-0.8271 Reasonable would be to have harsher punishments for people who actually do crash into people.
-0.8268 Because you've probably never personally seen a cow outside of shrink-wrap they're evil beasts that will definitely kill you and yours!
-0.802 Instead they went full fascist and want to spend your money on war instead of bums.
-0.7964 Does your stupid ass think I'm going to leave a $1500 coonan in my glove box?
-0.7906 Do I have a free pass to rape a girl if I know she's been raped a couple times already?