/u/SchnitzalFulgur is kind of a dick.

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0.7906 [This right here is my personal favourite FE cow.] Everything from her hair, to her gorgeous cow udders to her sweet lucious milk.
0.7717 The only reason he is good is because of his amazing EP.
0.7599 You cant deny that she is unarguably the best cow in the whole wide world!
0.7269 40% has always been pretty good in non-inflated stat fe games.
0.7179 While I may not have the worst gameplay in the series, its still definitely up there.
0.6771 Camilla has a 40% base mag growth so she can definitely wield it.
0.6728 I never said that swordmasters are complete trash in the game, I simply said that they are outclassed by heroes in almost everyway like in most other games in the series.
0.6705 You are right 2 range units are way better if they have good stats man oh sorry your right.
0.6602 You literally cannot attack any enemy in the game in EP.
0.6369 Take Quilava best starter
0.6259 While Siegfried is not as broken as Rajinto, it still is broken.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8934 Takumi has shitty enemy phase and being locked at 2 range makes him kind of a shitty unit outside of player phase.
-0.8767 It doesn't matter how good Takumi is, how good his bow is, he is still bow locked and being stuck at 2 range will always suck no matter what.
-0.8271 If you're relying on crit or skill to kill then you have a serious problem
-0.8225 Free 1-2 range with that high of damage and +4 def is broken as all hell.
-0.8155 Most enemies have no resistance bu because nijas have resistance magic sucks?
-0.8122 Being locked at that completely destroys that units enemy phase viability.
-0.8115 Always being opreased as a dex leveller is hurting my fag feeling from pls remove also add sif and artorias so I can cry :,(((((
-0.8074 Also appreciate how you tried and failed at insulting me throughout this without yet again telling me why my points are bad to you.
-0.8047 I'm sorry but your son is a faggot
-0.7906 Pathetic failure who can't do anything right.
-0.7783 Not even post their ugly ass wearing a Lethe Cosplay
-0.7269 What? Being stuck at 2 range is why archers are considered some of the worst units in the series.