/u/Sb00ya is very positive!

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0.902 Whooo Soundtracks :) Good luck everyone and Thanks for the giveaway!
0.8979 Naked City Pizza has a pretty good take on poutine, and good pizza, and good wings...
0.8932 Good luck everyone :) Thank you OP!
0.8928 I just started the main game a few days ago and am absolutely loving the story and experience! Good luck everyone!
0.8883 There is also Fremont street which is generally a good place for cover bands, cheap drinks, and some awesome people watching. Enjoy your weekend!
0.886 Couldn't hurt to not enter :) I'll even be sure to send the $1 off to the winner :) Good Luck Everyone!!
0.8745 Everything was great and nice and quick! Thank you again!
0.8647 I've been looking around for a few days now :( I would love an invite code as well if someone has one!! I'll pass along my invite code to a fellow redditor if I get one! Thanks!!
0.858 I would love an invite code if someone has one!! I'll pass along my code if I get one! Thank you!
0.8553 Good Luck and enjoy!
0.851 Awesome find on the video! It is really impressive what some people can do in this game!

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-0.7351 Scorpions have always been a bit of an issue here in the Black Mountain area, and it's been even worse since KB has broken ground on a few new housing developments.
-0.5267 When trying to stealth the GO Bank there is A LOT that can go wrong.
-0.3382 Just got my hair cut over the weekend!
-0.296 I need to still start my campaign :-/ But I'm usually around late in the Pacific time zone 7p-midnight http://steamcommunity.com/id/Sb00
-0.2003 I figured, hell, that's probably how they did it in the 60's! The Glenlivet has been my go to scotch for quite awhile now, lots of great stuff at a decent price point.
-0.1877 I haven't had much luck gambling there, but they do always post royals on their Facebook.
-0.0516 If you can leave her behind, you should check out Insert Coins downtown.
0.0 Commenting to see the finish!
0.0 I will choose 1982 !
0.0 [Profile]
0.0 She's the real MVP.
0.0 I'm in the same boat guys! Adding you both now, Sb00ya