/u/SatanicConspiracy is a total dick!

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0.7954 Wow dude, you're so cool and random!
0.7007 I anticipate I'll be flooded with a plethora of deceptive statistics and other leftist lies, but even your friends in the mainstream media aren't able to deny what a hellhole the world has become.
0.6908 Slivko, in most cases, did not kill his victims.
0.6682 Is this really the best you guys can do?
0.6605 Business owners like him are the scum of the earth and we would all be better off with him far away from any sort of tangible authority.
0.6369 I love these types of threads.
0.5994 I hope you're alright.
0.5984 It would be very admirable of you at this point to concede your incredibly deluded worldview.
0.5859 I made a low-energy post here a very long time ago about how the establishment would make it nearly impossible for Trump to win the primaries, not even beginning to think about the presidency.
0.5859 In other words, everything the Democrats do **not** do. When they win, all bets are off.
0.5849 Both of those are extremely key "leftist" ideas. Social Security has massive funding issues and regardless, seniors are already doing quite well monetarily.

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-0.9442 He got caught this time, but who knows what this slimy bastard got away with over the years if he's willing to fire an employee with 30 years of service under her belt for this bullshit.
-0.9432 That's most likely not the case here; only a willfully ignorant or morally repugnant scumbag would take stock in the personal beliefs of murderous cartel torturers.
-0.93 It is very reasonable and normal to be okay with a proven child rapist and murderer that profited off of his crimes suffering horribly for his actions, than some stranger in obscure circumstances.
-0.9098 Stop your crying and grow the fuck up, loser!
-0.9022 Pretty disgusting to use his dead wife as a way to advance his agenda, maybe just as disgusting as insulting her in the first place.
-0.8885 You lost because you're a racist homophobic misogynist scumbag and now you're gonna have to stand on the sidelines and watch as they unilaterally and fundamentally change the country to their whims.
-0.886 You've lost the battle and you're losing the war.
-0.8807 I am pointing out that Muslim terror and violence, from both the beginning of Islam's inception all the way to when America was a newly formed country, was and still is a problem.
-0.8779 Muslim terror, despot heads of state, criminal gangs, and so on. TL;DR: You should commit suicide.
-0.8765 No, that's like saying Bill Cosby raped 100 women but in actuality he only raped a handful.
-0.8712 This is by far the most violent, fucked up video on the internet right now.
-0.8656 This is nothing more but the desperate flailing of a dying, unpopular movement in its death throes.