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0.9274 Love love love
0.8979 Like , yes she has her glam days just like all us makeup-lovers do, but overall, her look is pretty natural.
0.892 I think a lot of people bash Kylie for wearing "a lot of makeup", but honestly her look is super duper light !
0.88 are definitely something you should look into, they have A LOT of styles that would compliment this beautifully.
0.872 NYC liquid liner thank the heavens for this like, two dollar blessing in a tube
0.8442 I get that SO much and I feel so mixed about it because I love her, I think she's beautiful, and her makeup choices are my FAVOURITE..
0.8244 This made me so happy to look through <3
0.807 What the heck i'm pretty sure I'm a teeny bit darker than you, and Olivia looks way more like, a deep vampy red on me
0.8062 I super highly recommend them !!
0.7906 You have such a gorgeous golden, blonde honey vibe, and I think you should really bring out that warmth.
0.7884 I love the too faced candlelight powder, the normal, not highlight one. Lastly, you said you blend with a beauty blender .

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-0.7579 He's told me he's unhappy with the fact that he can't go out, but I can't recall him ever actually saying "I'm trapped/I feel trapped"
-0.7003 I'm always way too scared to go for something pinker :(
-0.6899 And I wish so badly I could go back in time and unlearn all the details i've learned about my boyfriend and his past relationships, because it's those details that hurt the most.
-0.6808 Holy hell that was a turn of events
-0.6486 Let her know that it's still been bothering you, and something you're having trouble overcoming, specifically the details of what she did.
-0.5267 You have no pores and no raised blemishes
-0.5216 But we can't. The best thing you can do is talk to her .
-0.4549 Communication really is the only option here, and sometimes pasts really do haunt us.
-0.4019 It's our own problem and insecurites making us feel this way.
-0.4019 I had this problem a lot too, where my under eyes would look dry or wrinkly by the end of the day , even using setting powder, fix+ , etc.
-0.3612 He has a lot of trouble with light blue, light grey, light pinks, all those pastel colours.
-0.3612 He also mistakes brown for greens , and he cannot see the difference between springy greens and yellows.