/u/Samstradamus is kind of a dick.

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0.9005 It doesn't do anything to actually validate their hang ups but they sure do come away more convinced than ever that they can't be wrong.
0.8555 I love going to church, and I love reading the Bible.
0.8074 If you keep watching, Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly win an award and Jim gets all neckbeard-y in his speech.
0.802 It's best to keep the explantions short and sweet.
0.7705 People who actually use their car to make a living would never waste an hour idling nor would they fuck their car up like that.
0.7684 Yeah but if you accept it and still have more waiting to do in the drive thru then now the new client is waiting as well.
0.765 I was just informing you that people laugh at you when you choose to do it. -No it perfectly describes a particular sexual act.
0.7184 God made Boobie beautiful.
0.7184 "You know God made black beautiful.
0.7118 She was quite pleasant and simply didn't tolerate disrespect.
0.7096 People can have all sorts of expectations of others that the other party could care less about and are not obligated to follow.

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-0.9354 I am well aware of what promiscuity does to a society but I also think that slut shaming is just a way for shitty people to take out their aggression on someone who isn't any of their concern.
-0.9136 Not because of disrespect but because I'd rather take a couple bucks loss than get attacked or have my personal/work vehicle damaged.
-0.9053 If you got confused at my paragraph then it's no wonder you're so bad at arguing your point.
-0.8881 You're trying so desperately to come across as condescending but you're really coming across as insecure, not to mention just stupid in general.
-0.8516 Autocorrect insults are the most hurtful insults.
-0.8225 There's a famous case of the murder of Catherine Kitty Genovese where she was stabbed on the street in front of dozens of witnesses.
-0.8126 You just described brainwashing: isolation, fear, and repetition.
-0.7906 That's actually the entire reason this sub exists, is it not? What you're thinking of is Sharia Law, where backward ass social thinking equates into backward ass laws written into the books.
-0.7845 Unless you believe ruined marriages, cheating, broken households and single mothers are good for society. That's a False Dichotomy Fallacy.
-0.765 All the charts that you showed didn't show the efficacy of slut shaming as it pertains to a decrease in promiscuity.
-0.7645 Staying and waiting for them or going through the drive through with them is completely your choice and if you aren't hungry then it's a very poor choice in terms of wasted time and money.
-0.7506 The majority of black people aren't living below the poverty line anymore. But as a poor person myself I can see how voter I.D.