/u/Samstradamus is kind of a dick.

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0.8074 If you keep watching, Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly win an award and Jim gets all neckbeard-y in his speech.
0.7541 The raining bombs down from long distances joke was fucking hilarious, as was the joke about Andrew Jackson and Ben Carson. The Zodiac Killer jokes were horrible but overall he was great.
0.7158 And Jimmy seemed as annoyed as anybody would be but, aside from the "invite us back for a fistfight" line, he was going well out of his way in order to not be rude back.
0.6948 This made me so happy.
0.6486 Save your energy.
0.6249 Now that I realize that they were friends, his jokes don't seem anywhere near as mean.
0.5719 In that case it makes perfect sense.
0.5709 *was very kind The *audience* is a singular noun
0.5574 He was an American hero.
0.5445 They're interested in continuing to believe that it's not barbaric no matter how obvious that fact is.
0.5256 You sound more proud than you should be that your dad taught you the most basic life skills.

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-0.8887 There are millions who believe the same story of he does but the overwhelming majority of them don't get any satisfaction out of telling strangers that they're going to hell.
-0.8516 Autocorrect insults are the most hurtful insults.
-0.8126 You just described brainwashing: isolation, fear, and repetition.
-0.7783 I hope someone physically assaults you so that when you defend yourself some other inbred can come up with some dumb prejudiced thing to say about it.
-0.7269 At what point did the aggressor stop trying to attack him and he "went back" to kick him?
-0.7193 No matter how many flaws people pointed out, they still said that everyone who didn't like the movie had to be a woman hater.
-0.7096 He left the victim with no option other than to end the fight decisively.
-0.7003 The group from the court case was charged with gang activity for rolling around as a convoy and terrorizing people.
-0.6908 A news crew interviewed her because they were getting people's reactions to the murder there the night before.
-0.6801 They want to find a flaw in your argument really badly.
-0.6551 They aren't interested in admitting it if they turn out to be wrong.
-0.6476 Strawman arguments for the loss!