/u/Saijin-Khody is very positive!

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0.9619 You are absolutely beautiful I love your face I love your smooth skin and obviously I love your boobs
0.9485 Friendly bigger sexy curvy couple, would love to become friends if you are interested.
0.936 Beautiful and sexy, I love a naughty girl keep sharing.
0.9062 Good luck, I am sure everything will turn out great.
0.9062 Yes, pretty new on here what is the best way to share them privately?
0.8807 Yes, would love sloppy ends, keep her pleasured.
0.879 Guys love a horny woman, you can't be shy though, I would love to see you.
0.875 I would love to role play the sexy neighbor girl I seduce.
0.872 I agree with you, this is a "gone wild" story not sex advice column, I appreciate people sharing their stories, good decision or not.
0.8689 Be confident and happy all will be good.
0.8475 I love a sexy horny woman!!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6597 Very hot story, I would have fucked her too.
-0.636 Then fuck it hard!
-0.5849 If none of this is a possibility for you and the idea of him leaning bi really freaks you out/ disgusts you, you have to consider leaving him and find someone more compatible.
-0.4847 That being said, there aren't many super horny women out there wanting to give blowjobs to random strangers.
-0.4767 Many poor decisions are made under the influence of alcohol.
-0.438 We have some swinging experience, but have never been to a party.
-0.3818 I would love to lick and suck her pussy Then fuck her hard and fill her with cum.
-0.34 As you get older those crazy nights are fewer and further.
-0.25 You will notice it more than the guy, he is going to focus on your smile, eyes, boobs, curve of your ass.
-0.2444 That is sexy as fuck!!!
-0.1779 I would love to bend her over slide my hard cock in her wet pussy, fuck her hard from behind until I came deep in her.
-0.1386 That is a tough situation; but, guys in general are horny, they think about sex and orgasms a lot!