/u/Robertspringer is a total dick!

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0.7845 She celebrated the toppling of Gaddhafi much like GWB celebrated the toppling of Saddam arguing it would bring about a "new beginning".
0.7096 He was also pretty nativist, promising "British Jobs for British Workers"
0.6962 I'm thinking of moving to Picus, more money more freedom
0.6705 Nice that you didn't actually read what countries were surveyed or how ME countries support airstrikes in Syria
0.6669 And of course can't forget the Saudis lovely escapades in Yemen.
0.5423 Leaving them open would be vastly superior to closing them
0.5267 I'm sure you'll be out virtue-signalling on this as well righhhht?
0.5267 Join the armed forces, then join the Australian army as an Overseas and International applicant
0.5267 They're projected to gain 52 seats
0.5106 It sure did alright turning the country over to ISIS and jihadist militias.
0.5106 Good, the MJ12 conspiracy to frame the Illuminati framing the )) framing FEMA framing )) has been successful

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-0.9136 It is the air force that ran out of equipment but regardless the Libyan civil war was largely a ground war.
-0.8957 Anyway, fuck it, I'm done with you, you're a dishonest piece of shit.
-0.8874 You're just poor at nuance. Actually it very much fucking is as it was never the original fucking argument, you're just making a red herring because you're full of shit.
-0.886 If the Libyan war was about saving lives, it was a catastrophic failure .
-0.8849 Furthermore, the fact that they sent in their forces to crush down a pro-democracy movement in Bahrain is fucking pathetic with no outrage whatsoever.
-0.8755 The reason why the juntas economy was so shit was due to the fact that the Perons fucking destroyed the economy, its fucking laughable that you blame the junta for it
-0.875 Direct targeting of funerals is a war crime.
-0.872 You said I should tell you when Saudi had started committing war crimes and killing protesters and I pointed those out.
-0.8479 You've actually fucking lied about your shit and used different scenarios as arguments
-0.8225 Or when they caused thousands of people going into poverty, ruining the local ecology and spreading diseases that hadn't existed in the region before due to their failed irrigation plans?
-0.8221 Sad. No, I pointed out a simple fucking detail about why your analogies fucking sucked.
-0.8176 Not going to happen, the 80s Labour was even worse and the Liberal SDP alliance got fucked due to FPTP