/u/Robertspringer is kind of a dick.

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0.8225 This is what logistics looked like for Desert Storm, an operation on a pretty welcoming terrain http://www.au.af.mil/au/awc/awcgate/barnett/b5p56.jpg Russia does not have this kind of logistics.
0.6969 The Wikipedia article on it is fairly long and has ~100 citations, so if you'd like to read up you're welcome to.
0.6808 Baltics have pretty weak unions and it works pretty well
0.6584 They're not missing communism, theure pretty much all right wing populists who want the old days of everyone having jobs due to not having to face competition or EU regulations
0.6124 Tank strength doest mean shit when they don't have anything to support them with, in this case, air support, logistics and infantry.
0.5994 Supporting dictators in place of democratically elected leaders when people in different parts of the world voted against American interests. Neither are imperialist
0.5984 ICP isn't well known but your friend would be seen as an idiot/punk
0.5875 This is why I don't worry about unemployment due to automation
0.5849 The fact is that the EU has AWACS, more superior planes, has civilian infrastructure.
0.5719 Givong everyone same amount vs giving some people different amounts is a huge difference in terms of costs
0.5332 Poland isn't going to leave, they like the EU and are very reliant on it

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-0.9274 You're focusing on their mistakes, but failing to see that they aren't making those mistakes twice.. Only because the Georgians were even worse.
-0.91 They had trouble with waging a war in Georgia, you're view of Russian military might is stuck in the Cold war.
-0.8957 Fuck off with bullshit on how the joos are the enemy.
-0.8665 We hate the poor so we want to destroy them
-0.8578 Even if you want to be a history denier and say we weren't imperialistic, you can't deny that. Too bad that slavery was an economic drain
-0.8555 Turkey can shut down the Bosphorus during war time, blocking off Russia And you don't give up a strategic advantage because war is unlikely
-0.8402 Lol wtf is this stupid shit.
-0.8074 Macron won the first round with normal results fuck off with your retarded bullshit
-0.7964 #1 enemy is a talking point used by anti semites, if hes not an anti semite hes just daft
-0.7128 Don't play semantics. The US went to war with Spain due to yellow newspapers, not imperialism
-0.7105 They have more tanks than everyone else, but they're still very well rounded in overall weapon systems for a land war. Which all matters how exactly?
-0.7003 It might be a valid criticism of America and Monsanto, but it's not a criticism of the ideology behind them. This isn't imperialism unless you think that the US is imperialist in DC