/u/Robertspringer is kind of a dick.

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0.7279 Getting more votes isn't cheating dumbass.
0.7003 TRUMP: We have to keep our talented people in this country. BANNON: Um TRUMP: I think you agree with that.
0.6908 True, neolib memes are good tho
0.6908 Bernie would never say something that elegantly lol, he'd insert at leasy 1% of 1% and millionaires and billionaries
0.6908 Lol this is easy.
0.6908 liberal 107 realist -80 marxist -41 republican 42 democrat 37 trump -51 globalist shill, hopeless idealist pretty good
0.6597 Pretty much yeah
0.6249 In context that was a great line
0.5423 NAFTA lowered prices, increased trade and investment, making better paying jobs.
0.5267 who is molto friedmans and why do you base everything about your economic knowledge on Milton Friedmans legendary opposition to taxes of any kind?
0.4939 PEGIDA was a pretty large bitchfit, my own country threw a bitchfit for taking in 100 refugees

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-0.8934 they did a good job of that themselves when they kill 97% if their "rescued" pets and steal and kill pets
-0.886 And illegal immigration is a civil offence in the US, unlawful entry is a criminal offence.
-0.8591 You suck his dick and hell make sure its sticky when it comes out
-0.8481 Kill Dore, Marry Kyle, Fuck Chapo
-0.8338 Dore is a moronic cunt, Kyle is annoying but ~~half~~ quarter decent, I cant be married 3 annoying neckbeards
-0.8271 no it wasnt, before 31 it was a recession, after when it went below -10% in 1932 it was a depression
-0.8126 too many non nuclear power nations have oppressive regimes where they kill people indiscriminately
-0.7722 so yeah, it turned a recession into a depression, ergo i created the depression
-0.743 Piss take: that was a shit take
-0.7274 ur not doin a good job with that with ur moronic policies
-0.6808 Maybe he realized that it would expose him as a racist?
-0.6249 Considering that median wages went up and unemployment went down, no it didnt