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0.8922 I'm looking for a sexual relationship, but for the mean time I'm happy just enjoying myself until it does happen.
0.8885 Happy to share for your pleasure ;)
0.8585 I sadly don't own the game, most friends do and I love to play it when I get the chance!
0.85 Haha, didn't think it should be anything but a critical ;) Sword is latex, LARP safe :)
0.8478 I like to feel like there's been some improvement ;) from the quality and to the way I hold myself!
0.8356 I believe it's what keeps us enthralled with it's beauty ;) Thanks Delta!
0.807 Elegant and beautiful!
0.8063 They're all so pretty though <3
0.8034 Boardgames are expensive :P Oatmeal <3 Is it worth getting then? Edit: Also, Bears vs Babies!
0.7906 I post for pleasure and fun, not the quirkiness of my titles.
0.7857 Saw him live, so good <3

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6293 Door stopper, Scotland generally has little rubber bits screwed into the floor to stop the door slamming against the wall or Radiator.
-0.6239 Betrayal At House On The Hill, Zombicide and Sentinels Of The Multiverse!
-0.6115 Sorry it's so awkward to view ):
-0.4753 Old ): it just does't taste the same!
-0.4215 Didn't change, the bow fell off ):
-0.4215 There's a Warhammer 40K LARP that runs in Scotland, yet I can't find the tie to attend ):
-0.3595 I've no subscribed!
-0.3182 Do you mean lack of it?
-0.3071 Sainsburys :) Usually a little more expensive, but when you're lying on it each night it's worth it.
-0.296 Nothing wrong with more hands getting involved ;)
-0.2796 ;) Shame I put all my points into charm and don't have the strength to resist.
-0.1779 Weird Science?