/u/RawrRosalina is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9201 Great gif, she has an amazing body also love the ink
0.8625 I want my tits to be that big, but in the meantime I would love to play with those
0.8519 Great curves and love the small patch of bush
0.8442 She has a beautiful clit, and love how pink it is
0.8442 They look like a lot of fun to be honest
0.8402 Love her color and her amazing hips
0.8402 I love huge areolas like hers
0.8402 She is an amazing bbw, love her body
0.8402 Amazing areolas and lovely huge tits
0.836 Great areolas and those nipples are amazing
0.8357 Love you areolas, and you have amazingly sexy pale skin

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5927 Nice sideboob, but that ass though
-0.5719 3U - Barioth 4U - Chaos Gore Magala MHX - Misutzune
-0.5423 I want to suck the milk put of those tits
-0.4404 Hell yes, I could use some cuddles
-0.2755 Of course I couldnt agree more
-0.2755 Edit* Who doesnt like horchata?
-0.2732 Wouldnt mind giving that ass a smack
-0.25 I popped out like surprise motherfucker
-0.2263 Wouldnt mind sucking on those tits
-0.1779 Thats a nice looking ass
-0.1531 I want to have her tits
-0.1027 I use axe mode a lot just for that move and only use sword mode when a monster is down