/u/Random_Link_Roulette is kind of a dick.

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0.8196 To be honest, don't use utensils, its so fun eating with the injera.
0.8183 I think we're good, today wasn't so bad and it was actually so cool last night I didn't need my fan.
0.7964 I hope I get to meet him once I'm in shape, would love to show him the before and afters.
0.7891 Are adults literally making videos solely for 12 year olds to laugh at or do they think adults find this funny too?
0.7717 Racial pride can be good if it's something you are excited about, it's a binder, it brings people together.
0.7645 I bet she had 3 beers and started acted like this because she thinks its fucking cool and I can not fucking stand idiots like that...
0.7579 Lol do they know that we're probably gonna use it as a joke now and it's going to have 0 meaning after like 2 weeks?
0.6908 Also tell him thanks for all the years of entertainment.
0.6908 Sweet Dreams are made of this.
0.6808 I'm sure you even invited them to fun and games at your summer camps?
0.6486 Someone with such "strong" values does not isnta-flip, she flipped sides in 1 video, either she is playing this side or playing both sides, either way, its literally just for views

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-0.9354 You're wrong, they know exactly how racist they are, they just created many "outs" like racism = power + whatever bullshit that in their minds let's them be racist but not racist.
-0.9154 Worked with an African, dude didn't like me but he sure as hell hated being called black " I am African you mutha fucka "
-0.8625 I personally would never do these, I'm lonely as fuck so much I stare at my gun and think bout using it but I just truck on, find other Shit to occupy my time.
-0.8221 Fucking sick man pig racist fuck....
-0.802 people have them and are going to start shooting you for attacking them, throw an M80 at me and Ill pull my gun out too...
-0.7964 Y'all seeing this Hitler ass shit too right?
-0.7783 Trapped and way to get out opposite of entering trapped place.
-0.7764 Fucking oppressive ass mods in this sub...
-0.7684 I'm 32, I have sever memory issues but since I went to school to become an EMT / Paramedic / Disaster Response Medic, my memory has been getting Sharper in a sorts.
-0.7539 fuck that, make the bitch pay you back then never invite her to a party again.
-0.7506 Don't do it, a lot of states allow CCW to pull a gun and even shoot you if you enter someones vehicle with the intent to harm them...
-0.7351 The fuck is your problem