/u/Random_Link_Roulette is kind of a dick.

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0.8138 I do it to help people, I don't give a shit bout money lol
0.7291 There's been a lot of fucking GREAT shows with 100% all Black cast and the random token white guy...
0.714 I don't give a fuck if you respect me.
0.694 Lol OK dude
0.6908 Your freedom to hate Nazi, is the same freedom that let's them have Nazi ideological views.
0.6808 A news show with anchors of true diversity all on stage at once to talk about respective issues, representing how many of them are in America?
0.6361 James Avery, one of the most loved American TV dads was black...
0.631 She's also an ESA so not full service but I respect working dogs.
0.6249 How bout you go thank em for keeping you alive Ya?
0.6187 I don't give a fuck about the cash, it's helping people I'm doing it for, even faggots like you deserve help when you are in a time of need.
0.5994 That's what you know they have, why would a super power disclose the actual amount?

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-0.8779 In grade school my first fight was a black kid bullying me, in high school freshman year ones jumped by 5 black guys for some shit I don't remember...
-0.8658 until they go over and realize its as brutal as we tell them it is, after they are raped daily by multiple men...
-0.85 They are just envious but their mental illness is usually munchausen syndrome which is worse.
-0.8481 The amount of times I get people basically telling me "no I won't do what you say, I'll still startle / scare your dog" is ridiculous.
-0.836 So can we put every black person in jail the second their born because black people murder and steal?
-0.8126 Stop being pissed and address it Not you OP, just the idiots who call people "racist" or "islamaphobic" or some bullshit for pointing out truths
-0.8074 Fuck atleast beehive the bitch
-0.802 It's also illegal to fix elections, to take bribes and other shit and they break those...
-0.7783 You're the dumb ass fuck-nugget now
-0.7506 When will these faggots stop being afraid to go after the real issue, why is Islam a fucking "can't touch" topic...
-0.743 That shit gets annoying after donation.
-0.7351 Youde freak out if you found out your catnip soaked mouse was just a costume on some dudes dick.