/u/Random_Link_Roulette is kind of a dick.

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0.9081 big milk giving dogs, so long as they are raised good and lovingly, their tasty asses will be safe to be around.
0.7845 Best help an untrained by stander can do, call 911, watch, pass all relevant info to arriving EMS
0.7783 Alright, thanks, have a good one."
0.7184 If you feel you must play hero, talk to them and tell them to stay still and don't move.
0.7003 We just hope it will get better for them.
0.694 Lol Ya OK, that's never gonna happen.
0.6795 Yep, Vine comps were keeping it alive, other post never really fit the sub and other subs did those post but better.
0.6757 Yes of course you need a license to drive / travel in vehicle, also, Arizona cops don't fuck around with these people especially MCSO
0.659 Dude that's fucking awesome, ide drive it.
0.6486 I dunno if giving your children your nut is a good idea
0.6369 Autism is liking 1+1 and being "quirky" They wouldn't know what it's like to be born with spina bifida

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-0.9153 The problem is, you give *any* ammo to the anti video game, anti gun crowds they will stretch it onto a bigger deal than racism.
-0.8885 Stealing food because you are starving and have no money and struggling to get work?
-0.8807 Post about some cunt bag saying IPA is white supremecy because old England sent pale ale to soldiers in India and those soldiers were oppressors or some stupid shit.
-0.8752 Stop trying to make excuses for the little fuck up, he dug his own grave by attacking someone
-0.8641 Fuck fatties like this but unfortunately I'll have to be polite to them on the job, just wish I could tell em to get their head out of their fat, stop being lazy and lose weight
-0.8316 Anytime you try to stop people from recording, we know your ass is in the wrong.
-0.8225 I'm in Arizona and she will get mad at me, be grumpy and obnoxious until I let her out to go lay on the hot rocks / dirt when we wake up...
-0.8154 I know there not musicals of Broadway but ones I like are Labyrinth, Little Shop of Horrors, The Rockey Horror Picture Show and Repo: A Genetic Opera.
-0.7906 Tell em to fuck off and get the fuck out.
-0.7783 I'm an emt student that's done with class and that's about to pass national registry skills next week and written in a week or two you dumb fuck.
-0.765 This is the people you are stuck with in elo hell
-0.7605 I don't play games, if your mad cool, go home I ain't got time for that shit