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0.922 I fucking love Gibbons, they are so cute and goofy and so intelligent.
0.8519 In fact I've gotten scoffed at for having a melee list, even a "this is a fun league,why are you making it not fun for shooty armies" Plus no one plays them, there are much better options.
0.8512 I don't care what your belief is, you do not have to agree but that is her sons guardian, coming to give her a good bye on his behalf, letting her know he is safe on his next adventure.
0.8295 Best tactic is to charge multiple people at once and force them to do bottle rolls You still have a 4 up invulnerable so your aren't totally defenseless.
0.8268 "your resume is a perfect match sir!" you mean my resume that states I am going to be a Paramedic is a perfect match because I had 3 months where I sold cars?
0.7964 they can be nice but I think Harlequins played right will out play DE.
0.7351 Welcome to crumple zones, the things that save to your life.
0.7269 It's pretty good.
0.7118 once you realize this special snowflake idiots you will realize true equality will never be possible.
0.6908 lol I have never personally seen or met a good gypsy.
0.6428 Fun movie about this is Devils Pass, it's not fact but it's a fun movie

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-0.9787 it doesn't matter that they earn 4x what we do and spend 2x less but I want that!" and stupid shit like that. The bitch is a class-A whiner and selfish as fuck.
-0.9531 Ya, I would have her arrested for that shit, bitch needs some down to earth time and it would be arrested or slave labor till that shit was paid off...
-0.9435 The whole "WE CANT BE BRANDED RACIST, ITS THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD!" mentality is really fucking shit up...
-0.8516 So fuck off with this bullshit, if it was my son you discriminated on based on gender I would have your job and millions from the school
-0.8481 Cruel La Devil
-0.8319 Getting a little Fascist up in this bitch.
-0.7906 Stock ass looking Honda on stock as wheels and stock ass tires...
-0.7717 Eh, Orks really aren't for shooting and I learned my lesson, Ill just buy a Death Jester and shrieker round you with large blasts to make you scatter enough to charge you.
-0.765 Dick + Dick = [Richard Simmons] level gay shit...
-0.765 That looks intentional as fuck, he knew what he was doing. Its either a skit, fake or bet fixing.
-0.743 She's even more corrupt than Trump and she played this Gender fuck faggots so well...
-0.7227 ya she came back up but if she did go unresponsive, on land she would lay around, in the water she would drown.