/u/RMAR_Devastator is kind of a dick.

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0.8355 I couldnt say with all certainty, but I agree with Wrel in the idea that vehicles power needs to go down with the decreasing population, and they have been very powerful for a little too long.
0.7783 Also helps that the high cap guns got some love too.
0.5994 Share the road, because a bicycle is definitely on par with a car /s
0.5719 Right now, I am happy with some of the changes.
0.5574 The people hoping for a complete reversion are usually the ones who are also fine with the way vehicles were in the past.
0.5395 Most pilots will agree though that the reaver is the best, not due to it being op, but because it has the highest skill ceiling.
0.4672 This is why partially I cant really believe iniquity is very good, I mean hes better than average but the aim assist he has with a controller on PC artificially inflates his skill.
0.4588 It would help if there was an Infantry only FD challenge.
0.4404 Thanks Paul
0.4391 Infantry is tied to the capture system, and by that virtue alone is the more important domain. So we will see.
0.4215 Is there any merit to this anecdote?

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-0.8809 I dont like the Cannon changes, secondary tank weapons, or the AI weapons damaging vehicles.
-0.8074 Self-defense is a shitty argument if those nazis are in no position to do anything.
-0.8074 Construction failed, the pop increase was nice for a while, but all the players left and we were left with a shitty side system that has no real purpose, and fucking blows to interact with.
-0.7506 Fury, prox repair, those were just symptoms of a bigger problem.
-0.7184 On top of a stupidly slim hitbox, this allowed the pilot to do crazy manuevers in reverse and lead less while his pursuers had to lead more while the scythe did crazy reverse moves.
-0.7124 And although it will annoy ECUS, I am actually ok with the Halberd not one-shoting infantry, as I never liked the idea of AV weapons insta-killing infantry.
-0.6956 I do not subscribe to that idea, but I can see how increased stress of military environment combined with the transition can lead to some mental trauma.
-0.6908 The Vortek will kill any target faster than all the other noseguns.
-0.6759 CAI might not be perfect, but one-shotting ESFs and Halberds arent fun to deal with.
-0.6705 The people who are opposing CAI are the biggest users of some of these weapons, and I can understand why they would be upset.
-0.5994 Seriously someone alert the police this is fucked up
-0.5563 This really abused my multiplier