/u/RMAR_Devastator is kind of a dick.

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0.8806 /u/wrel I really like the new design, but on top of these changes I strongly encourage you to address Crown shelling.
0.7937 Nia pls dont be sad we got 10/10 nias who can help you Youll feel like Colgate after Sureme
0.7096 Good luck people
0.7096 Who cares skirmish is the only one thats good
0.6705 Nostaglia shield please save me
0.6249 Oh great he's back.
0.5563 I really enjoyed it.
0.5106 Nia We encourage excessive use of emois
0.4939 I for one enjoy not having to deal with bots reapers and dropship noises.
0.4215 "53 million Nazis" lol
0.4101 Because exceptions in law always work out so well

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-0.8957 shit shit shit
-0.8271 God is dead and we have killed him
-0.7717 At range damage per bullet matter more since full auto accuracy will be shit
-0.743 My irrational hatred of minions made me want to kms
-0.7351 No he's talking about Delrith, a stupid fuck that thinks he's wayyy too good for his own ego.
-0.6808 What the hell
-0.6705 Suicide Do it now
-0.6597 Cox is a faggot
-0.6478 As I understand it, the Stars and Bars is more racist and the regular CSA design was more just "Southern" than anything else.
-0.6249 just about the worst place you couldve put it.
-0.6124 I actually watched this harasser montage, I pass most of them.
-0.5719 I NEVER hear it, its retarded.