/u/Quanttek is kind of a dick.

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0.8957 It's managed by two good friends and allows you to create your own channels and will create extra clan channels with own privileges on request
0.8316 Also, I'm pretty sure most miners don't as most of them are located in China where only a miniscule share of their energy is generated using renewable sources
0.7351 Probably because this is a pretty obvious example of racially motivated behavior, be it conscious or unconscious.
0.734 Just look at any ARD Deutschlandtrend about most liked politicians and he's always one of the most popular ones
0.707 You do know we have a judicial system here in Europe and, depending on the country, quite a strong guarantee of your human rights?
0.6908 The same goes for visiting a friend and behaving exactly like every other alumni/member of college
0.6249 Bringing a clock in pencil case to school because you're proud for having created sth is not baiting.
0.552 For example, pre-Islamic Fulani society was a highly stratified between free people and slaves.
0.4973 If they wouldn't be racist they would have to flag hundreds of visitors per day
0.4939 Same for you my friend
0.4939 For men, on the other hand, it paid off to change jobs and negotiate for higher salariesthey earned more than men who stayed did.

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-0.9184 So war das ja auch, bevor die Flchtlignskrise die ffentlichkeit erreicht habe.
-0.9136 Das war ja gar nicht die Analogie, die ich gezogen habe.
-0.8434 War es nochmal so, dass die Reserven bei der Federal Reserve nicht nachgewiesen werden konnten?
-0.8316 Bevor die Flchtlingskrise berhaupt in der ffentlichkeit war, bevor es wirkliche Rettungsprogramne gab, sind ja schon viele bers Meer geflohen
-0.8316 Und in Japan hat man komplett die Forschung fr die Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften eingestellt.
-0.8316 Die Staatsanwaltschaft bezeichnete die Denunziantin als notorische Lgnerin und stellte das Verfahren schlielich ein.
-0.765 Ich habe mich rein auf die Form des Arguments bezogen: Aus der Normalitt eines Zustandes seine moralische Richtigkeit zu folgern.
-0.7579 That's not really SJW to acknowledge the factual reality but then force the minority to adapt to racist biases instead of, you know, the other way around
-0.7101 Maybe they are racists who just assume that a black person a) can't be a student b) can't have good intentions?
-0.7003 Many groups in Africa practiced slavery that had nothing to do with Islam.
-0.6854 In most of Europe you won't be arrested for a hate crime as long as you show up to the court dates.
-0.6808 Also, why do you assume he could've raped someone instead of any of the other visitors whose photos weren't ciruclated?