/u/Punkassrookiebitch is a total dick!

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0.8271 People praise Michael Jordan as a great player.
0.7845 Wow, Charlotte is way prettier in real life than she is with her WWE make-up job.
0.6956 Funny thing jumped out at me though - look at all the years he played 82 but didn't lead the league in games played.
0.6369 Love how everybody in this sub has finally jumped off the Melo bandwagon.
0.6249 That's what made him great.
0.5859 When Orlando traded Gatling to Denver mid-year, he had already played 45 for Orlando but had 40 left to play on Denver's schedule.
0.5563 Very impressive.
0.5267 Fidrych took MLB by storm in his first season, winning Rookie of the Year and coming second in the AL Cy Young voting.
0.5106 Because Reigns was making fun of a heel, dummy.
0.4588 Haha, Cleveland Brown.
0.4497 Not politically correct, but it's the truth.

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-0.8807 Shooting a serial killer or child rapist in the back.
-0.8176 Finally, after 5 MLB seasons, or 35 dog years, Fidrych's career died a merciful death.
-0.7615 Today, Macaulay Culkin is 36, but his acting career is DOA, and we all know the meth is gonna take him out any day now.
-0.705 The article makes good points, but does not change the fact that Mixon is a scumbag.
-0.7003 I hate shit articles like this.
-0.6908 Did God give cancer free will to kill little kids?
-0.6908 Kill it now
-0.6901 No you're a fucking moron
-0.6779 Didn't realize my fellow Knick fans were so fucking racist.
-0.6486 Are you a serial killer?
-0.631 Fidrych tried to pitch on and off for three more seasons, but he was terrible.
-0.6249 Brutal post