/u/Punkassrookiebitch is a total dick!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.6369 Hahahaha, neckbeards love Bret Hart.
0.6369 The greatest moment in the history of wrestling.
0.6249 This is awesome.
0.5106 Let's make fun of a baby picture.
0.4404 I hope the Rock drops the People's Elbow on them.
0.4404 Good riddance.
0.4019 And it's interesting to think about.
0.4019 Mildly interesting
0.3182 Are you a Knick fan or not?
0.2732 Well you don't know what you're talking about then.
0.2023 Eh, they were fine until the Victor Cruz TD on Christmas Eve the next season.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9118 Hopefully, those pieces of shit die a painful death and soon.
-0.8807 He deserves no pity you sick fuck
-0.8551 "Shit happens" is dudes getting in fights with each other, not intimidating women, you fucking scumbag.
-0.8519 What the fuck stop breaking kayfabe you fat shit.
-0.8399 Eat a dick you fucking twat
-0.8074 Shut the fuck up bitch
-0.802 This piece of shit deserves to be tortured and executed.
-0.7906 Fuck Albert Einsten and fuck you.
-0.7906 Fuck this self righteous speeding fuck.
-0.7717 Way to dredge up somebody's suicide attempt from eight years ago for no reason.
-0.7506 This is weak as fuck
-0.6808 Why the hell would you root for Melo when he's on the Celtics?