/u/Punkassrookiebitch is a total dick!

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0.802 If Wilt were playing today LeBron might join him in the debate of best current player.
0.6369 Ewing is considered one of the greatest jump shooting centers ever.
0.6124 Long haired Renee good God.
0.5423 Keep JR, peace out Mauro.
0.5413 You're so enlightened.
0.507 But he's charismatic, so who cares, right?
0.4767 Wilt would be battling with LeBron for consensus best player in the league status.
0.4588 NBA never should have allowed awards to effect compensation.
0.4404 Anybody can get into the Naismith Hall of Fame.
0.4404 Thanks, I would have never known unless you told me that obvious fact.
0.4404 We feel better, you piece of garbage.

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-0.8271 That, after beating up Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant would come to my house to kidnap or murder me.
-0.8074 Go fuck yourself, bitch.
-0.7964 Fuck this shit.
-0.7717 That's what tell wrestling haters before I say go fuck yourself.
-0.7351 And if you think a malcontent who washed out of the NBA is going to get in based on what he did in a third rate league where other NBA washouts go to die, you're nuts.
-0.7184 Ketchup on a hot dog is a goddamned disgrace.
-0.6908 Attitude Era would kill today.
-0.6908 Kill yourself.
-0.6901 The league and the NBPA really fucked that one up.
-0.6808 To hell with him, tell him to go eat some vaseline.
-0.6705 He should be killed.
-0.6705 And then he killed himself.