/u/PrincessBambii is very positive!

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0.8579 I just googled her- she's so sexy, what an awesome comparison.
0.8431 So sweet, thank you :)
0.836 Good luck :)
0.8316 My eyes appreciate the love ;)
0.8176 Ahh thank you :) :)
0.802 Gotta love stoner couples :)
0.8016 Wow, that's a high compliment!
0.7773 I'm very happy with how today turned out, thank you!
0.7772 Thank you, and happy early birthday!!
0.7759 That's so sweet, thanks!
0.7644 Glad you enjoyed!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4019 If it continues to be a problem, put a lock on your door.
-0.4003 **11:09, $12** - [Ass Shaking Vibrator Play] I give you a nice view of my ass before fucking myself with my mini vibrator and cumming all over it!
-0.296 **Kik For Later** * No time for a session?
-0.091 I'm not sure if I'm that flexible!
0.0 **$1.50 per minute** includes text, pictures, and videos.
0.0 Just looking for new spank bank material?
0.0 #** Custom Videos ** ***** Custom videos start at **$5** per minute.
0.0 Fetish videos may be **$1-2** more.
0.0 We make out and use our hands, mouths, and vibrators to cum.
0.0 Let's try a day and see what you think!
0.0 **$200**/week includes a week of talking and getting to know each other, photos, and flirting/sexting.
0.0 Includes two Kik sessions w/ pictures, text, & videos.