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0.872 I love making it too, essential oils help with the "weedy" smell :)
0.8579 I just googled her- she's so sexy, what an awesome comparison.
0.8431 So sweet, thank you :)
0.836 Good luck :)
0.8316 My eyes appreciate the love ;)
0.8172 Haha, I love that!
0.8122 I love the Persona games, thanks!
0.8016 Wow, that's a high compliment!
0.7759 That's so sweet, thanks!
0.7759 She's so cute- thanks!
0.7644 Glad you enjoyed!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4717 I've never played 5 but I've played 3 and 4
-0.4015 I don't mind bluntness, thanks!
-0.4003 **11:09, $12** - [Ass Shaking Vibrator Play] I give you a nice view of my ass before fucking myself with my mini vibrator and cumming all over it!
-0.3244 ;p I've never played, I might have to now!
-0.296 **Kik For Later** * No time for a session?
-0.091 I'm not sure if I'm that flexible!
0.0 Ding ding ding!
0.0 Take a wild guess!
0.0 **$1.50 per minute** includes text, pictures, and videos.
0.0 Just looking for new spank bank material?
0.0 #** Custom Videos ** ***** Custom videos start at **$5** per minute.
0.0 Fetish videos may be **$1-2** more.