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0.8689 When I got him a little sister, he spent the first week or two hating her, but now they're best friends.
0.8655 That's super sweet, thank you!
0.8591 :) thank you Xoxo
0.8439 Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoyed!
0.8313 My freckle appreciates the love!
0.8217 And someone else to get his energy out with :) if you decide to get another, I really hope that they get used to each other quickly!
0.802 Haha, I love this
0.784 Ahh you're awesome, thank you!
0.75 I pretty much only wear sports bras in my time off, sounds good!
0.743 Feel free to PM me for info :)
0.7345 Glad that it's a good combination then!

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-0.6688 No problem!!
-0.4186 I felt the same way to be honest- i felt so bad, since he was always alone when I was working..but now he has a cuddle buddy when I'm gone!
-0.4003 **11:09, $12** - [Ass Shaking Vibrator Play] I give you a nice view of my ass before fucking myself with my mini vibrator and cumming all over it!
-0.3321 My boy has always been very skittish and nervous, especially around other animals.
-0.296 **Kik For Later** * No time for a session?
0.0 Hey, another Bambi!
0.0 You've just gotta give him a few weeks to get used to a new kitty!
0.0 I think I'll have to get one of those!
0.0 I'll give it a try!
0.0 I have a pair that matches my lingerie, might have to post some more pics with those on soon!
0.0 I'd prefer pink, but to each their own!
0.0 Take your time!