/u/Poutineandpepsi is slightly positive.

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0.743 Well deserved meals are the best.
0.6969 Thank you so much dude :)
0.6705 That's 8 str gold body + 11-13 str weather immune body, AND the fact I got robbed out of a strong minion I could've rezed. Gonna stick to my X-Men deck then...
0.6597 Letho is such a satisfying card to play
0.6369 Best faction
0.636 I have 40 hours in right now, loving it!
0.5965 I can hear his fucking voice hahaha
0.5574 I love this god damn big mac sauce
0.4939 Remove 2 strength from every opposing non-gold unit
0.4939 Pretty much.
0.4939 These circlejerk threads are getting out of hand mods

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.765 Caretaker + steal raging bear...
-0.6428 Almost forgot about this shitty show
-0.5719 Because niggers are genetically retarded.
-0.5574 This guy is stupid and noob for putting them all in the same row.
-0.5423 I bet you'd fuck Ali in front of your husband
-0.5423 Dude fuck off srsly
-0.5423 The f2p model is incredible, what the fuck are you talking about...
-0.5423 Fuck off and kys.
-0.5267 He also sucker punched that other asian comic behind the head.
-0.5267 Hahhaahah you retard liberals cant even get along.
-0.5256 That's fucking sad.
-0.5141 Almost bought shit for the lick-a-da-dick