/u/Poutineandpepsi is kind of a dick.

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0.9134 Lmfao, wow this is great!
0.9062 Lmao you're awesome dude, fuck the downvotes, your original comment was hilarious and true.
0.802 All the cats I ever had loved belly rubs because they trust me, maybe yours don't.
0.7269 It's pretty funny.
0.7184 God, people are such sensitive pussies lmao.
0.6588 They also make great burgers!
0.6369 Black cats are the best
0.6249 I wouldn't mind waiting until 2020 if they're gonna deliver a masterpiece
0.5994 Osti de gang de puss, lmao.
0.5859 That's amazing.
0.5859 It's hard to say when you plaster your face with makeup and take the best selfies out of the hundreds you took.

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-0.875 Wtf is wrong with your hair you trendy fag?
-0.7958 I saw it too but it was way more brutal than this.
-0.7506 Too bad your cat hates you
-0.7351 Fuck off and stop fishing for compliments ya cunt.
-0.7301 This dumb bitch lives in Qubec and can't be bothered to learn a single french word.
-0.7178 Pandering for karma on a inappropriate sub, fucking kill yourself.
-0.7003 Your nose is huge, your hair is too long and weirdly cut and your shirt is horrendous.
-0.6808 If your cat hates you, it's your problem.
-0.6597 You're a big time faggot.
-0.6597 Un vrai cancer.
-0.6597 If you get asmr from this you're a faggot.
-0.6369 Animal abuse.