/u/Porphyrogennetos is kind of a dick.

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0.8714 I love it. More people like Shiva would be a good thing for the country.
0.8705 I wish I could make my mustache similar to that but it grows downward too much. Pretty nice work if that's all done by that person.
0.8286 Justice for SETH RICH. The closest NOOSE for Eric Clanton.
0.7845 It won't keep happening, and this is precisely why you need to power through. It's a good thing your girlfriend was able to help you calm down.
0.7845 Yeah, he likes Trump Thanks for your opinion
0.743 Laugh instead at his hilarious postings and full on retardation.
0.7003 It will work better than we hope.
0.6969 Trump and Russia is fun precisely because it's untrue. The way everyone in the media gets all riled up about it only for it to go absolutely NOWHERE is god damned hilarious.
0.6908 Always giving out free samples of the spiciest offerings.
0.6249 That's on you as well, but you can definitely do it.
0.5994 Agreed. I feel like we're conditioning ourselves to accept it. I know I won't ever accept it, but maybe other people will and that can't stand.

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-0.9156 How are you this fucking retarded? How is it possible to be so stupid, uninformed and wrong?
-0.8779 A bad teacher can make any subject seem terrible, and there are a LOT of bad teachers.
-0.8402 He was arrested on a gun felony charge.
-0.8316 You get kill credit when you get a kill.
-0.8173 It's a direct threat and it's fucking bullshit.
-0.7964 You're a liar and a fraud.
-0.7964 Nope, they're busy policing people that get upset when their family members get killed by Muslims over and over and over again.
-0.7956 Completely ruined by that fucking stupid bridge.
-0.7845 The 5 seconds he spent on the moderate viewpoint contained a useless platitude which is about par for the course. No wonder everyone hates them.
-0.7717 It's an example of how retarded the statement is. We're all well aware that less than 0.5% of black deaths by violence come from cops.
-0.7579 Dipshit retard.
-0.7458 That little bridge is retarded and ruins the whole thing.