/u/Porphyrogennetos is kind of a dick.

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0.8957 You seem like a great person. The best part is that you put expectations on someone you didn't know.
0.8503 what if God and all those Angels are SJWs? "The white man held me back..." "WELL COME ON IN AND MAKE YOURSELF COMFORTABLE!
0.743 It's the creation of the "other". Watch [this video] to understand what I mean. It's 21 minutes of some of the best stuff ever put on Youtube.
0.6996 Fuckin' GOT 'EM! Enjoy those downvotes for truth.
0.6512 the second amendment was written for government tyranny, not civil war infighting, but I like your moxie.
0.6497 It's also infested with fucking idiots who couldn't form an argument to save their lives.
0.6249 A great question that won't get answered.
0.6249 Great trait.
0.6208 Was the driver white? If not, they won't, if he was, then they will, but they aren't racists!
0.5943 Just don't commit a crime and you're good.
0.5267 People are happier.

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-0.896 Black on black murder and theft is through the god damn roof. They choose to commit more crime, so they go to jail more often. The system isn't responsible, THEY are responsible.
-0.8625 They're certain it's a racist intentional attack from 5 seconds of shitty video.
-0.8357 Communists killed many more than National Socialism ever did, yet the Hammer and Sickle is widely accepted. It's the far more murderous ideology. Think on that.
-0.7713 It's used to de-platform and dehumanize. Frankly, it's EXACTLY the same kind of shit that the Nazis used themselves.
-0.7579 Patton and Churchill were convinced that Hitler was ultimately the wrong enemy to fight.
-0.7553 You don't like getting it thrown back in your face? How are you this fucking retarded?
-0.7184 Nothing was done. The guy driving the car was being attacked by leftists carrying bats hitting his car and he panicked. This entire thing can be laid directly at the feet of the leftists.
-0.7096 You don't get to bear mace and piss bomb them though, which is what the left did yesterday.
-0.6808 I was doing it too much and it was too expense, and going back on that feels bad no matter how infrequently I've done it.
-0.6808 He raped you with words
-0.6597 Yeah it is, because it's wrong as fuck, and full of hyperbole.
-0.6574 It's going to take DECADES to undo the damage the assistant drama teacher has done to our country. I'm not completely sure it's even possible.