/u/Porphyrogennetos is kind of a dick.

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0.9202 This wouldn't be such a bad thing in theory if Rowling wasn't such a raging retard about everything else in the world. The attractions would probably be better if she wasn't involved.
0.8658 He's only helping us, and he's doing it for free. We are living in the best timeline.
0.7777 Yeah, that FEDERAL RESERVE **NOTE**, from a )), lent to the government at interest sure is a woke piece of paper!
0.7298 You're making positive changes. This is difficult and nothing worth doing is easy. Try to remember that it only gets easier as time goes on.
0.705 You're probably better off not having a tattoo. It sounds like a great way to break the ice with someone you don't know but you treat it as an annoyance.
0.6542 Sometimes you need a reminder of why you decided to do things like this. I wouldn't feel too bad.
0.6486 God is a hands-off type of guy. He expects us to save ourselves, and rightfully so.
0.6435 You can't waste that shit.
0.6369 Now your resolve is stronger than ever.
0.6249 I foresee some great meme potential here...
0.6249 I've heard great things and they are a patriotic company.

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-0.9081 You're going through the most difficult part right now. No one can do this but you, and you *will* be disappointed in yourself if you fail.
-0.8619 The last time I gave a shit, I got fucked!!
-0.8588 That's a lot of weight to attempt to choke slam and his leg is broken! You have to at least suggest things in the realm of possibility bro
-0.8519 That dipshit is getting assblasted and he just continues to double down on his retarded argument. Jesus Christ.
-0.8313 Found the retarded bitch in the video!
-0.8225 No, they're literally stupid, unintelligent people that have got by on looks and their fathers pedigree.
-0.8139 If anything, he didn't go NEARLY as far as he should have. If I was the guy just watching in the video, I would have called her a cunt to her face. What a CUNT!
-0.8122 What a terrible life to have. Whenever anything gets tough or bad, I'll just have to say to myself, "At least I'm not Harvo" and everything will immediately start looking up!
-0.7783 Their raging Anglophobia is disgusting. This event is part and parcel of living in a big city.
-0.7506 He should have called her a cunt, because she's a cunt
-0.7275 They actually just want you to shut the fuck up about it for 5 minutes. They really don't care.
-0.7184 The mistake is actually you thinking any one gives a shit. They don't.