/u/Porphyrogennetos is a total dick!

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0.8493 I hope to see much more of this, I love it
0.8219 He's not answering, so it's likely Yes to all of those. He made 40k because he didn't do shit to help around the house. This entire generation is the same way.
0.7579 Tyranny by the majority is a huge pitfall of democracy. America is the greatest for a reason, and the constitutional republic is a big part of that.
0.6705 I had a blue eyed Maine Coon cross once and he definitely wasn't deaf. I guess I got lucky and didn't know it.
0.6124 Yes, please send the white women back to the right end of the political spectrum
0.5859 archiesteel - butt blasted pedophile lover
0.5667 Obviously not. They've raped and conquered every thing they've ever come into contact with, including each other.
0.5346 Still doing the Drumpf thing huh? Pretty pathetic, and very intolerant of you, but that's just you showing everyone your true self.
0.4926 Thanks for reminding me though!
0.4926 I hope not!
0.4588 That really wraps up everything into a neat little package

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-0.9485 Those are default subs that no one gives a shit about and Overwatch is a bullshit game made by one of the worst companies in gaming today. Why worry?
-0.9311 You can't be Zionist, but you can be a Muslim? Jesus Christ who buys into this shit? Are kids really that retarded?
-0.8957 The only redeeming factor about abortion is that its mostly minorities that do it. It should be illegal for whites except for birth defects and rapes.
-0.849 That is massive. If a person has 6 kids, they get more tax benefits than I take home. We're paying these people to create a new generation of terrorists that hate us. We're fucked.
-0.8455 I watched half that movie before I said WTF is this shit
-0.836 Yeah, they'd be robbed, raped and killed within minutes.
-0.7956 I am glad I cancelled this bullshit 6 months ago. "We're gonna tell you what to like because you can't be trusted to have an opinion" FUCK you Netflix I will never resubscribe.
-0.7717 It's the same thing on NA. It's 5 or 6 people who wreck absolutely everyone else and they ruin the game.
-0.743 He lost face, he lost support, and he lost the election anyway. He should have had them arrested.
-0.7351 You goddamned retard.
-0.7215 That is so fucking stupid I can hardly believe its real, but here we are. Does she not know that Arabs have enslaved Africans for all of human history? Jesus Christ.
-0.6497 Yeah until the moment you say or do something the government doesn't like and then you're fucked.