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0.9031 Why does this look like it was shot like a comedy and not like a war movie?
0.8934 If you're a casual movie watcher and want to see some good action and comedy, you'll love this movie.
0.8223 It was weird but had a more coherrent story, better acting, and I cared a lot more about the characters.
0.8144 Her death scene is not graphic but still heartwrenching). I understand why some people wouldn't like my idea but it would certainly be a fresh and interesting take on it for sure.
0.8122 On that level, he succeeded very well and I actually managed to enjoy it.
0.802 The performances are pretty outstanding.
0.802 Honestly, it's Ridley Scott's best film in a loooooong time.
0.7906 Fincher is such a good director that he managed to get a great performance out of a mediocre actor ) 7.
0.7837 When I started watching it, I was baffled by a lot of the things the characters did and I didn't care for the pacing but as it goes along it gets better and better.
0.7783 Great now I have to clean the semen off my pants
0.7717 I don't have to watch foreign films just to validate my love for film.

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-0.9574 In the 2nd act, the final girl manages to defeat the killer only to be killed by a GANG OF OTHER MASKED KILLERS.
-0.9349 That's when we discover the main characters aren't in a time loop but they're stuck in a living, purgatory-like dimension where after you die you relive your death for eternity.
-0.926 I'm sick and tired of horror films leaving things open for shitty sequels.
-0.8928 With Neon Demon, everything is so tonally serious that all intended "satire" just comes off being a case of bad writing, even worse acting, and bad direction.
-0.872 Wes Anderson doing an atmospheric crime thriller Get Adrian Brody as a silent tough criminal protagonist and Edward Norton as a sleazy detective antagonist.
-0.872 The "it's a dumb monster movie" argument is horseshit because throughout 90% of its duration it's a slow, dry disaster film and wants to be taken as such.
-0.8625 It has too few elements that work but too many that just flat out suck 3 Ass.
-0.8519 I'd be pissed if some chucklefuck the studio hired decided to take a dump on what I created regardless of how bad it migt turn out.
-0.8481 Also why the hell would you make a sculpture of shit?
-0.8343 Like you wanna make a movie about mental illness but you wanna make the antagonist a ghost everyone in the fucking movie can see?????
-0.8146 Both films have in common the themes of violence and sadism and present it all in a comical, but utterly disturbing way.
-0.8126 Since the whole movie is about death, I think it would've been more appropriate if the bad guy was an Anton Chigurh type character.