/u/Playfulpikachu is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.946 Omg I'm in heaven :) Thank you so much for this amazing tribute :)
0.941 Love it Love it Love it!!!!!!!
0.9211 Haha that's so awesome, I love it!
0.8816 I counted over 10 shots :D Thank you so much for your delicious cum
0.8768 That was so much cum <3 and I loved the multiple angles :)
0.8519 Thanks sexy :)
0.8442 WOAH <3333 Now I'm wet haha thanks (:
0.8442 I'll be looking at all submissions :) enjoy <3
0.8442 <3 thank you so much for your delicious cum
0.8172 Such a beautiful cock and beautiful load!
0.802 That was amazing <3333 Gorgeous cock.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6323 SO DAMN HOT!!!!
-0.623 Oh my fucking fuck!
-0.5848 My ass got covered!
-0.5423 Album full of ass http://imgur.com/a/mr4y8
-0.5216 No you're incredible!!!!
-0.3561 That is such a big cock omfg!!!
-0.2944 More tits to cum on http://i.imgur.com/EHrWTfM.jpg
-0.2244 http://imgur.com/a/ChjOt I'm back and oh did I miss your cum!
-0.1779 I'd shake it to entice you a bit
0.0 10/10 CUMSHOT!!!
0.0 THIS IS SO HOT!!!!