/u/Playfulpikachu is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.946 Omg I'm in heaven :) Thank you so much for this amazing tribute :)
0.941 Love it Love it Love it!!!!!!!
0.9211 Haha that's so awesome, I love it!
0.886 She's adorable and should love her teeny titties :)
0.8816 I counted over 10 shots :D Thank you so much for your delicious cum
0.8768 That was so much cum <3 and I loved the multiple angles :)
0.87 I'm glad it's becoming memorable lol :D
0.8519 Thanks sexy :)
0.8481 I love the game, yeah lol.
0.8455 Perfectly fine with me :P
0.8442 WOAH <3333 Now I'm wet haha thanks (:

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6876 FUCK YES!!!!!
-0.623 Oh my fucking fuck!
-0.5423 Album full of ass http://imgur.com/a/mr4y8
-0.5423 Fuck defenses..
-0.3561 That is such a big cock omfg!!!
-0.2732 war weights too high lol.
-0.1779 I'd shake it to entice you a bit
0.0 Loooove it!
0.0 How long do you think you could last with me?
0.0 Will the questions be...
0.0 2x trident layers?
0.0 What would it be?