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0.9191 I can't think of any original way of asking for a invite so I'll just say I'd love to get one and promise to pay it forward :D
0.9127 The first half is full of energy but then everything starts to get slower, especially the last 3 tracks. Hope you like these :)
0.8979 Sounds like a good idea, hope I can get an invite :) Question: once you have Inbox, how many invites do they give you?
0.8945 I'd love to have a small stone but right now it's a little bit pricey for me and for what I've seen, the behringer actually sounds pretty good considering its price.
0.8807 Then a friend of mine recommended me other albums by him, Sketches Of Spain, Birth of the Cool and Ascenseur pour l'chafaud and I loved those and that basically changed my opinion on Miles Davis.
0.8597 My board is currently under construction :D I have an overdrive on the way and it would be really nice if I could add a tremolo as well!
0.8591 It makes me smile like all my dreams had come true.
0.8099 If you really like a specific pedal and think a second one will help you getting the sound you want, then there's nothing wrong with having two of the same.
0.807 Great work, thanks!
0.7845 Definitely one of the best concerts I've ever seen.
0.7845 I'd say it's definitely his best.

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-0.5106 If so, have you been through any stressful situation?
-0.4019 It's still hard to get high res images from the film so these were all taken from the different featurettes available on youtube, hence the lack of diversity.
-0.4019 It's insane that they're releasing a new album.
-0.4019 Is this the first time you have trouble sleeping?
-0.3595 I had no idea there was a coloured edition for each album!
-0.3182 Some of the many meanings of the yellow color are duplicity and jealousy which are themes present on the film.
-0.3182 Even Doc feels confused through the whole movie, remember the scene where he's writing the names of everyone in a white board?
-0.2714 Not that I'm complaining!
-0.25 It's arguably her most genuine album.
-0.1779 the anxiety.
-0.1007 Just the performance of this song alone was worth the ticket!
-0.09 The Carbon Copy is regarded as one of the best analog delays out there but that's all you'll get from it, an analog delay.