/u/PisslamicState is a total dick!

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0.8402 Haha I'm sure cuckstreau is happy that they're using his pic for it.
0.8176 Tea: drunk by billions Ganesh: worshipped by over a billion Incense: enjoyed by billions College: endured by billions Music: listened by billions Truly a unique individual.
0.7906 Nice love handles faggit
0.7003 I remember it like it was yesterday :')
0.5106 I'm using it through a free proxy app from a boat in international waters.
0.507 They're not people so who cares.
0.4939 fags and other related retards is just what we are trying to save the world *from*
0.4404 Good thing they do it for us at high rates.
0.4215 It's true that is what sun cream is made of.
0.4215 It's sitting on a disability scooter too lol
0.4215 I'd rather see a nice picture or video of them.

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-0.9318 Is that Lena Dunham the child rapist? Is it the same Lena Dunham that molested a little girl? Can someone confirm if this is the same Lena Dunham that raped its own little sister?
-0.9276 This thing is so fucked up it must have been adopted by two fag bitches that have tried to turn it into one of them.
-0.8977 Stupid cunts are so dumb
-0.8957 Dirty paki terrorist pig cunt.
-0.8922 So mainstream pisslams are the types that run people over in suvs and stab unarmed cops. Shame this cunt wasn't one of the pedestrians.
-0.8741 Of course it's more important you stupid cunt-nobody gives a fuck of dirty pedo pisslams die, that's a good thing.
-0.872 But yea it's everyone else's fault niggers are all fucked up and useless.
-0.8581 Fucking terrorist cunt.
-0.8271 Libturd white cunt: teh crewsads killed pisslams you fuckig nazi bigot transpohibc lel
-0.8225 This is probably the saddest shit ever.
-0.802 Dirty whore.
-0.7783 Lel le leddit circle jerk about how mother Teresa was le evil lelelelleel.