/u/PisslamicState is a total dick!

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0.7845 Best scene wish it was irl and it was happening to every pisslam ever.
0.7506 Look the nig is clearly happy.
0.6705 Prof: this paper-did you think this was acceptable to hand in? Student: AVARDA KEDAVRA
0.6486 Yep it's that goy. 'The face you make when your friends voted trump' or something.
0.4391 It's quite clear who's more fragile here.
0.4215 It is true though.
0.4215 I have plenty of nice things.
0.4019 Go to Syria and help them. Or is this yet another libturd case of:
0.3818 All fags and trannies should be burned alive in public squares.
0.3612 Hahahahahahaah she walked like she just got boned
0.3612 They like it.

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-0.7579 Go on then you dirty faggot jp.
-0.7351 Lost them in meme war 1.
-0.7331 Like that British kids tv show guy that was exposed as a pedo, so the same will happen to this sick fuck. BILL NYE IS A PEDO.
-0.6908 Kill all pisslams.
-0.6908 Would rape.
-0.6908 Kill it immediately
-0.6705 should be killed
-0.6696 Gibsmedat! This fat clown should be less concerned with 'da po-lice' and more with the inordinate number of blacks killed by blacks.
-0.6249 Haha dumb bitch
-0.6249 Haha so all those ultra introvert weirdo lefties will all become rapists.
-0.6249 One of the worst posts I've ever seen.
-0.624 Fucking fraud. BILL NYE THE PEDO GUY