/u/PisslamicState is a total dick!

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0.7845 Best scene wish it was irl and it was happening to every pisslam ever.
0.7003 With a name like starkeshia he/she is probably black and so already has the prize.
0.6705 Prof: this paper-did you think this was acceptable to hand in? Student: AVARDA KEDAVRA
0.6486 Yep it's that goy. 'The face you make when your friends voted trump' or something.
0.5559 This is hitman not suicide bomber training simulator.
0.5106 Nice to know this sub is full of white supremacist.
0.5093 Haha he jacked off over a man!
0.4939 Admit it you loled irl m8.
0.4404 Good game
0.4391 It's quite clear who's more fragile here.
0.4215 I have plenty of nice things.

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-0.9001 Hope these cunts are murdered after being raped with rusty rebar.
-0.875 Through years of abuse , brainwashing, and indoctrination by its 'guardians'. It will statistically commit suicide around 16-17.
-0.836 Leave the suicide bomb at home before you visit, moslem.
-0.8271 And yet according to libturds it's fine for pisslams to subscribe to a cheap and nasty rip-off of The Bible and Talmud by a desert-dwelling child and goat rapist.
-0.8126 Disgusting vapid whores.
-0.7579 Go on then you dirty faggot jp.
-0.7351 Lost them in meme war 1.
-0.705 Dicky gayvais trying to be all cool and edgy but terrified to directly mention pisslam.
-0.6908 Kill all pisslams.
-0.6705 should be killed
-0.6486 Pedo nigger
-0.6486 Destinys nigger appropriated French culture.