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0.9387 All useful and needed but real world is most cases are settled and students that learn in real world to negotiate best are the best lawyers.
0.836 Can we agree on that. Be sure MAGA means great for all.
0.8035 2) good point, money would go insurance companies and yes would not be destroyed.
0.7964 Jobs, safe neighborhoods, freedom.
0.7783 4) different time call for different policies, but the love of country tightness of community is gone from that era.
0.765 But still much better than being a brown folk if the nazis won.
0.7351 Also a Maddow super fan.
0.6952 Anyone who was alive before Obamacare, know people didn't die on the streets.
0.6697 What does this mean. 1) more freedom.
0.6486 Peaceful Bernie supporter did it.
0.6369 Love you college professors, you work 12 hours a week and think you have a real job.

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-0.7845 CNN is and always has been Fake, Phoney, Fraud news.
-0.7814 It gets to a point where they are no longer insulting Trump but insulting the intelligence of the liberals that believe this crap.
-0.7717 Heres another, blaming Benghazi on a bad film.
-0.7579 It just makes u a liar and a hateful person.
-0.7351 Blame Blame Blame.
-0.7269 BTW - can you send me links to your criticism of Omamas justice dept investigating fast and furious and IRS scandal.
-0.7065 Im not surprised anymore by the hatred of the left.
-0.7003 You are a hateful person I am blocking.
-0.6705 No outcry by press or liberals.
-0.6597 Just goes to show that this is a witch hunt and the press being bias is manipulating this.
-0.6369 well you were a different type of suck - a sucker.
-0.6369 Same hatred.