/u/Paul2661 is kind of a dick.

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0.6808 i think we will find other areas we can work together and hopefully build a better relationship.
0.6705 He also wants to cut tax loop holes that benefit the rich mostly.
0.6423 There's more but that's a good start.
0.6358 But wouldn't we all like free time to do research on topics that interest us.
0.6249 20 percent interest rates and 18 percent inflation as well as Iran holding our citizens for over a year.
0.6124 I think u will be pleasantly surprised by what he tries to do.
0.5859 Amazing, how intolerant you liberals are.
0.5719 BTW to make you happy I downvoted you.
0.5574 While Im pro choice the supreme court should have left this to the states or been consistent in the right to ones body.
0.5574 One for the rich one for other people.
0.5267 Woman gain.

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-0.9081 That's betraying. Betraying is selling guns to Mexican drug dealers and having one of them involved in the shooting and killing of a border agent.
-0.8979 Typical dem cry racism when they have no argument.
-0.8779 Not terrorist, but rapes and other crimes by migrants in Europe are not being reported here.
-0.8714 That is more people murdered than killed by high school kids that shot up their high school and you probably are in favor of increasing gun laws.
-0.8505 So some are cancelling the meetings since Thea agitators have shown there propensity for violence.
-0.8322 She has allowed her people to be raped and has done nothing to stop the violence.
-0.8079 If I don't feel like going somewhere I text the picture of the accident and write "just in an accident cant make it today"
-0.7876 We do need ideas but when people present ideas such a as the CEO of Whole Foods, he is threatened with a boycott, mainly because those ideas do not represent a socialistic viewpoint.
-0.7845 Fake, Phoney Fraud.
-0.7825 LOL where was salon during the IRS dirty tricks and the fast and furious fiasco.
-0.7684 lol I never defended trump, but she is the wrong person to send out and condemn him.
-0.7324 She would rather it not happen I agree, but the migrants are more important than the rapes to her.