/u/Patthagoras is kind of a dick.

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0.8588 I hope your holidays are wonderful!
0.8555 Lets be nice an happy and hope for food and clothing to fall from the sky.
0.8074 We accept it as true until a better explanation comes along.
0.7906 Making america great should have always been on the agenda, and he seems to at least be trying to do something good.
0.7852 A murderer is like a driver on the freeway who gets to his exit and knows he should pull off but continues on anyway, for some kind of pleasure. A hungry man is like a driver...
0.7506 Rather, how easy is it to research by virtue of youre desire alone, if you dont have the resources already?
0.7351 The law is concerned with justice, which is concerned with virtue.
0.7096 And for the love of god, we all know taxes pay for it.
0.6956 Im not knowledgeable on the subject but i read the same gist you did and found it fascinating.
0.659 Just to be clear i totally agree with the ambiguous language..
0.6483 Lol fine but im not a hater.

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-0.9217 It would be stupid to say weed is the cure for cancer when you dont know how weed or cancer works.
-0.9016 He may choose a worse, or more violent crime to get food, based on his character, and so Should be judged.
-0.891 Murder, is there a difference yet? Good people should know murder is wrong, reasonable expectation.
-0.8847 I know that thats another can of worms, but it appears that between communism and capitalism, one has failed and the other is cheating.
-0.8807 Again, i find the whole thing arrogant, paternal, racist and mildy irritating.
-0.8807 Theres no pain involved that motivates you to kill someone.
-0.875 I think a more accurate analogy would be "murder rate drops by 50%, lets say worldwide, because half of the worlds murderers, somehow, suddenly experience a 60% reduction in anger..
-0.8608 I said hunger is involuntary, Perhaps racism is also, but youll have to explain why the starvation should be compaired with that of racist thoughts and emotions.
-0.8442 We should probably reavaluate our punishment system as well, but not so much as to make theft for this reason comparable to murder, as you suggest.
-0.8402 On hell, and the arrogance of christianity.
-0.8271 You haven't proven anything other than what a scumbag you are." "Just shut the fuck up.
-0.7717 The quote was death and injury in "short order".